What are you nerds playing this weekend?

Yep Apex Legends......


I echo the Apex legends remark and R6 siege too. Just bought a 590 so some RE2 I am sure and building a computer for my 10 year old son's birthday. Well he will be building it and doesn't even know yet. Parts get in tomorrow.
DLing Apex Legends now and going to give it a whirl... Also going to play some RE2 and some old school games too.
Been considering buying Metro Exodus but decided to replay the first 2 then maybe get it. Had gotten about 2/3 through the first game, but lost the save so get to redo it.. :)
After some Joking Hazard, it's time for some Apex. Though, it's felt a bit off since yesterday, feels like there is a lot more server lag than in the first week; luckily I've still not run into almost any toxic behavior. Sea of Thieves (or how I play it, hurdy gurdy simulator 2018) may call to me over the weekend.
Far Cry 5 - I wanna train that bear to be muh buddy! Also, the fishing mechanics looks decent which is cool..

Apex Legends - Cuz everybody won't shuddup about it. (played a few rounds earlier this week, feels like Titanfall 2 - which is a good thing)
Civilization VI. Really enjoying the new expansion, Gathering Storm. Played a full game on Sat to domination victory with Hungary on Prince.

I’m trying a pacifist religious game with Canada. But it might be easier to do Science or culture with them.
Playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider for the first time, got it for $30 on Humble Bundle. Way better than the last game. Only a couple of gripes though, first is Lara Croft kills better than Rambo which makes me think a Rambo game would be pretty awesome. Second, I with extra wardrobe and skins were unlockable items. Kinda jarring I have access to it already and it affects the immersion into the game.
Metro Exodus. It's the best FPS I've played in years. Far to many games are just repetitive like Farcry 3,4 and 5. The same goes for Wolfenstein, but at leaset the Colossus had nicer graphics, but the game play was the same as the 2 earlier version. Anyway Metro is certainly different from the 2 earlier versions, enough for me to really get into it. I really wish some game Devs would make changes instead of just pumping out the same old game with a different name. Just my 2 cents.
Hopefully Anthem. I got it for $15 off and I actually like the games it keeps getting compared to. If it sucks, I'll probably finally go back to RDR2. I've been putting that off for months.
Finished a single run thru on RE2. Decided to finally play Watch Dogs 2, looks good but plays like ass on my shit. A console-like 30fps avg is not my cup of tea, think I'm going to disable AA and try to power through it.
This weekend I'm going to keep playing God of War. I'll play a few rounds of Apex as well and maybe some They Are Billions

My buddy keeps telling me to try Warframe. Has anyone played it? Is it any good?
I'm going through the backlog and just started Mad Max... holy shit what a fun game! Looks and runs great, too. Highly recommend it
I gave up on Helldivers and am starting God of War. The floating camera is something I am not used to, but I am going to keep going to see if get used to it.
I gave up on Helldivers and am starting God of War. The floating camera is something I am not used to, but I am going to keep going to see if get used to it.

It threw me off at first too but I got used to fairly quickly.
I beat Chasm over the weekend, and went back to Dead Cells. Chasm was great. It may be time to hit some of the backlog now, as I haven't seen too much lately that has me excited (at least nothing that's released).
ive been a Meth head when it comes to Final fantasy 11 Nasomi server. Its more populated than live and its free. I cant stop....
Smash Ultimate, and maybe Apex Legends as my buddies are trying to get me into that.
I intend to play Far Cry New Dawn. And perhaps ace combat 7 if I can overcome my controller fobia, but that'S unlikely.
I didn't get much time to check out The Division 2 closed beta so I will probably send a bit of time playing the open beta this weekend.
More Wow, some apex legends, destiny 2, dragon quest XI (getting near the end on that one) and maybe some division 2 beta and Anthem
Bought a new game over the weekend. Dawn of Man. Havent played it yet though. That's this week's project. Just installed it today.
I'll be playing two games. DOA6, and the ol' swap out the bulging electrolytic capacitors in my Mackie studio monitors game. :D (the latter of course being a classic)
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Diablo 1 - The Hell 2 mod.
It feels so good to play classic Diablo again.

Yeah, I was thinking of grabbing it on GOG just because. If they keep popping games like this up there, maybe that'll help keep their financials good. D2 would be even better.
Had a lot of fun with The Division 2 beta last weekend so I think I will fire up the Division again and play that until the release.
Crack Down 3. Don't ask why. Its so bad that it you forget you even exist, just pushing a few buttons and clicking with a mouse. Which strangely makes it somehow playable because you stop caring about time, enjoyment or even life & death. :eek: