What are you nerds playing this weekend?

I played only the original Pokemon games back in middle school (Red and Blue) and got Y for Xmas...still trying to figure out all the changes that have been made over the years. The base game is the same but there is a lot more complexity and features than way back when.
Anything new and exciting you all are playing this weekend?

I am still play Uncharted 3 and hope to finish it this weekend.
Dark Souls 2, maybe some Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. Assuming the rest of the BOTA's come on board, maybe some Hawken, Red Orchestra 2, or ArmA 3 on Saturday night.
A big serving of nothing for me this weekend... :(

Procuring funding for start-up / back-to-back meetings every week/weekend really kills free time...though I do want to start/finish Tearaway.
Yet again LoL because of double exp and Hearthstone as I always play it anyways.
world of tanks had a big updated, havent played in ages, may try it, otherwise will be team fortress 2 deck of crits crit servers likley.

And going on a wine tasting trip all day tomorrow too. Neat
Dark souls 2 ! and some D3:RoS to take a break from dying in DS2 :)
I been playing Half Life 2 and Diablo 3, alternating between the two.

Been so long since playing HL2 I kind of forgot how good it is. Runs fantastic now of course too, and it still looks great.

Enjoying D3 as well. Just got into act III tonight. Bought this game when it launched and never got into it at all until now. Having fun with my Barb!
Got back into planetside 2 a few weeks ago with my buddy. Jesus that game has gotten so much more polished since the initial release... love it!! I gotta say, at first I wasn't sure how I felt about the sequel (I played the hell out of the original) but now I'm having an absolute blast.
Playing Pokemon this weekend, nintendo is shutting down multi player servers next month and it affects gen 4 and gen 5 of the pokemon games so trading for what ever i can before those servers go down.
Well, the weekend is here.
Let us not forget Mother's day and be sure to factor in some time to let mom know that she is without a doubt the best mother God ever created. If you have a mom. A living mom. Or a wife with kids. Maybe your kids. Or just an old lady on the street who looks like she had kids.

With all this Unreal Tournament talk I think I am going to try to load up UT 2004 and see how bad I am still at UT.

Also maybe "stick it to the man" on PS4. Kind of fun.

Will keep it light because it is going to be a busy weekend.

Peace out brothers from another mother.
I'll be playing C++ of Duty: How the Fuck Do These Variadic Templates Work Again? and, maybe, the new Tex Murphy.
Terraria 1.2.4 was just released on PC. I think I'll jump back in and see whats what.
Age of Mythology Extended Edition was released yesterday, so I'll be playing that.

Also that new Siege mode in Smite. Fun stuff.
Dead Space 2... I never played it... it's pretty good.. and shield game stream compatible. :)
I'll be playing C++ of Duty: How the Fuck Do These Variadic Templates Work Again? and, maybe, the new Tex Murphy.

For school....or...? :)

I'll be doing some light WoW probably, rest of the time spent on working on startup. :eek:
Preaching to the choir, I've been coding since I was 6, it's MY idea of fun. ;)

That sounds awful but I'm an engineer. Any free time I have is spent as far away from that shit as possible.

I think I'm gonna play through Outlast this weekend. I feel like playing something scary.
This weekend I'll be playing some Call of Bitcoin : Altcoin Warfare. It's my favorite RTS of all time.
May try to build a "CornHole" set. Or at least start building one.
Busy weekend though, for gaming maybe some more puppeteer. At first I didn't like it but the art work is worth the price of admission...
I'll be playing Buy A Snowmobile 2014 on Saturday, then Offroad and Beer Challenge on Sunday.
I will be playing some DayZ on the new experimental servers. Besides the occasional rubber banding the game is really coming along nicely. Me and by buddy had a great time last night.
Finishing up a new play-through of RAGE, started Mario Kart 8 last night, and have been working on Ocarina of Time on and off for a couple of weeks. That's pretty much my weekend game-wise. (though I've got a lot of other stuff going on, so it'll all be here and there...)
Lawn Chair and Beer Challenge is a much easier game to get into.

Don't get me started on Yard Work and Beer Champion Edition. That's a tough one that I got a chance to play last weekend.
Wildstar. Racing to 50. My guild is aiming to be raid ready in 2 weeks, and there's apparently a long quest chain once you hit max level