What are you nerds playing this weekend?

Half Life 2

Nostalgia. And am able to max out every singe video setting with my new system. Not so when I had the game new.
Last weekend I played a little bit of Dishonored 2, and juggled three Zelda games. (Link Between Worlds, Wind Waker, Skyward Sword.) Two of my daughters are playing two of those, so of course I have to beat some of the hard parts. :D Probably more of the same this weekend, plus I think I want to play through Axiom Verge again. The game is just ridiculously fun.
Looked into Axiom Verge. Looks good. Will have to try it.

I definitely recommend it. I actually like it more than Super Metroid if that's any indication. It has a bit more modern convenience, has some interesting new twists, the story is a little more involved than "just" intergalactic bounty-hunting, etc. Still very similar though. Also, the music is great. The first time I played it, I started toward the end of the week, and just kept playing through the weekend until I finished it. Couldn't stop. Every spare minute I had I was playing it. :D I would mainly play in the living room on the big TV, but when I had to leave the living room, I'd switch and play it on my laptop. Not a lot of games suck me in like that these days.
I'll be playing a little bit of Skyrim SE then hopping online to play Grim Dawn with friends.
Star Wars Battlefront on PC. I read a recent article on rockpapershotgun and it said it was worth checking out now. Being a Star Wars fan I picked up the Ultimate edition and played 5 hours and really loved it. I don't know how long I'll love it but I can't wait until this weekend when I can invest some serious time. My only gripe is the community is small so not all game modes are being played. Maybe during peak hours?

Basically I'll be playing Battlefront instead of BF1, CS:GO, and Overwatch this weekend.
Can't get into Mirror's edge for the life of me think it's all the running I mean Faith Runs though the entire game I think if they slowed down the running it would be OK make it more engaging.
Just went through Crysis and Crysis Warhead again. Surprised I still couldn't hit 60FPS on max settings in some areas (GTX 770). The games are also buggy regarding performance. I kept running into issues with DX10 locking at 30FPS requiring going to windowed mode and back to full screen to correct. Also had issues getting it to run at full screen at 1080p that required creating a custom 1916*1080 resolution to correct.
Dragon Age Inquisition
while waiting for
Darksiders I and II to download on steam.

Update Dragon Age is fun as hell with a controller =P looks good in 2K on a 24"
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Back to playing Destiny. I took 2 years off and the game grew on me a lot. I dunno if the endgame stuff will hold any appeal to me, but levels 1-40 were vastly more fun than before.
I'll probably finally give Dishonored 2 a shot, too. Seems the stuttering has been more or less fixed now.
According to my steam account, I've played 33.7 hours of Dying Light and I have loved every minute of it. Last night (although to be fair, I'm pretty late to the party with this one),

I found something called a 'Quarantine Zone' (I think that's what it was called anyway) and goodness me, I don't think my palms have sweat that much since I lost my virginity lol : P

If you've never played this open world, story rich zombie FPS then I reckon it might be germain to add it to your library. Think Skyrim with zombies, or maybe The Witcher III...

A few days back I finished Dues Ex Mankind Divided. It does need a patch or two, but otherwise was excellent. Will be trying BF1 eventually.
Remember Me


Well, I deleted it, the first Zorn robot is ridiculous with the QTE bullshit. I press the assigned buttons and I still get stomped on so after trying for the fifteenth time, I just said fuck it, not worth the headache.

Glad I get the game for cheap from a Steam sale. Fun game but the boss fights are just retarded.
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I'm getting back into the Division so l'm playing that this weekend. Really enjoying the changes they've made in the massive 1.5 patch. I'm also playing BF1. Bulleit rye bourbon to drink.
81.8 hours! I thought I'd finished it when the sewers bit started but no, it turns out that part is only half way through! Really enjoying this game although, I really ought to eat something at some point...
still working through deus ex: mankind divided myself. i find it a worth successor to human revolution and i love the vibe of the 'augmented apartheid', they do a great job making you feel like a second class citizen.
The Division! I'm having a blast with this game all over again. I also might start Deus Ex: Mankind Divided since I picked it up during the latest steam sale. Deschutes Jubelale to drink.
About a month or so ago I bought Fallout: New Vegas. It and all the DLCs were on a Steam sale so I snagged it cheap. Just installed it two days ago. So that is the only new thing I'm playing this weekend. Otherwise its the same old same old.
No football on Saturday, so good time to finally fire up Fallout 4 and play Far Harbor. Also going to do some exploring for all the goodies, hidden items, easter eggs, etc. I've learned about from watching YouTube.

Probably gonna play some Doom, too.
Level 30 in BF1
Finished Gears of War 4
Played a bunch of fighting games with wife and son: UMVC3 and Injustice
Also punched a couple of story modes in Killer Instinct and downloaded it for PC
A little bit of Forza Horizon 3

Life is good right now!