What are you nerds playing this weekend?

It was decided for me in the "What got you into PC Gaming thread..." (paraphrased thread title) that I will be playing Ultima 7 this weekend. Someone posted the intro video, and now I can't resist. I'll be installing Exult tonight, and either configure the closest approximation I can to my real MT-32, or I guess I'll have to dig out my real MT-32, get it set up, and play using it. I was planning to set up on a laptop though, so I can move around the house a bit. The MT-32 would make that a little tricky...

I'm a huge Ultima fan - Underworld 2 is probably my favorite game of all time (and I'm looking forward Underworld Ascendent (underworld ascendant). I've got a collection of all the old Ultima Dos games and have occasionally looked at them a bit on Dosbox, but I'll admit every time I've considered getting stuck into one (since the 1990's) the interface and visuals put me off a bit.

What are the best mod's / updates / remakes of the old classic Ultima's in your opinion?
Is Exult pretty well finished - i.e are there any glaring issues with it?

...I might have to download it and and fire up Ultima 7 or 8 myself...
I've yet to play the Underworlds, but since I'm an Ultima fan and a System Shock fan, I will eventually have to do it. I actually can't believe that I haven't.

I've successfully finished the complete U7 (BG+SI+expansions for both) in Exult. They have some mods that even fix original issues and plot-holes and such.) Exult is great. Pentagram is a little rougher around the edges for Pagan, but I have completed the game in it, and it was perfect in-game. The rough edges comment is only regarding getting it running the way you want. It's not terribly difficult, but getting the config file settings just right can be a bit of a pain. Less so in Windows. I compiled it for Linux, and MacOS though, and getting the MIDI and such set up just right was a bit of a pain. Still not as bad as getting U7 running in DOS though. :D IMO Pentagram and Exult are the only way to play U7 and U8.

There is also Nuvie for U6. As far as I know you can complete the game successfully in it, and all of the additions of the engine are very attractive. I just haven't gotten to trying it yet. I figure the next time I play U6 I will use it. Last time was under actual DOS :D

I've been eyeing some of the upgrades and patches for the earlier ones as well, and the fact that you can get music for the old ones may finally sway me into playing them.

I think I'm going to hit GOG and buy the Underworlds, and give them a shot after I play through U7. I also forgot about Ascendant! I remember seeing some very early info about it. Thanks for the link!
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Actually I finished it last night, fun game, albeit pretty short.

Probably will play Rise of the Tomb Raider and more VR.

Actually I finished it last night, fun game, albeit pretty short.

Probably will play Rise of the Tomb Raider and more VR.

I loved Super Hot. It was quite short, but it was an excellent diversion.
I finally finished up all of my outstanding projects that needed to be sent out. This weekend I shall spend more time on Ultima games, and possibly finish up my current Twilight Princess HD play-through. For some reason Mankind Divided hasn't sucked me in yet, so I find these older games much more compelling currently. It will eventually, but in the meantime... Ultima!!!
This week I went back to FarCry 3. I just love the game. Getting burned out on WoT so looking for something different these days. Finished FEAR 2 last week. Great game! I actually liked it better than FEAR 1. Weird.
That MP weekend.

Hit level 20 in TF2
Hit level 12 in IW
Hit level 6 in BF1
Hit level 5 in MWR

Enjoyed TF2 and BF1 far more than COD crap.
Just started Dishonored 2, guess this is what's coming for the weekend.
Dishonored 2 here too. Looks like the Ultimas are going to have to take a back seat until I get a play-through or two done. :D
Probably the Witcher 3 DLC, for me.

After that, I want to play through Dishonored (the original). I've heard it's excellent, and I've actually owned a copy of it for years, but for some reason never bothered playing it.
I'm fed up with the CTD I'm getting while playing both the live 1.4 and PTS 1.5 The Division servers.

I never finished Remember Me and Dishonored 1 so I'll be finishing those games this weekend.
I know it is Thursday, but I am out tomorrow so I thought WTH?

I am planning on playing a metric-shit-ton of Ni No Kuni.
Also Sonic Kart racing on the Vita came up free on PSN and is fricking awesome so some of that.

If I get bored Bioshock Infinite also came up free on PSN (nice) so I may try that...
Infinite is amazing, do that.
Earlier tonight, I helped my 10 year old nephew finish Limbo. He was stuck about 75% of the way through, so I went over for dinner and some game time.
MP weekends from here on out.

TF2 level 21
IW level 16
BF1 level 11

Love BF1. Other games I am playing because they are dying really fast. Down to 5K players a pop with less than 300-400 in my regions.
Went back to M&B Warband today. Floris Expanded mod. I had started it some time back but didn't get very far. I have had The Division on my hdd for a while now. Got it back when I bought my last 290x (came bundled with the GPU) when the game was still new. Thinking of trying it. Never have played it. One of those games I keep saying I'm going to try and never do.
Finally started up The Division. Liking it so far. Level 8. Just working on a solo pve build since I doubt I'll try the pvp aspect of it. Still playing other games as well.
Hit level 17 in BF1
Level 23 in IW
Level 25 in TF2

I am thinking I shouldn't pick up Overwatch.
Skyrim SE... It's not quite TW3 but it's got a lot of charm in it's own way. Plus the mods, the oodles of mods. :)
Two Worlds 2. I was amased how beautiful the game looks on Direct X 10.
Even today some games are made with worse graphics than this game.
I will continue playing it today)
Saw Skyrim Remastered on sale today in the Playstation store for $30, so I took them up on it. Never put much time into the game when it was new. Never played it with any DLC or mods. So I will give it another try.

Also playing Mad Max.
Reached level 34 in IW
Level 22 in BF1
Level 28 in TF2

Decided against purchasing a single game this BF. Was tough for me but I can wait for decent sales.

Also pushed a few levels in GOW4. Game is so shite.