What are you nerds playing this weekend?

System Shock Enhanced. Started last night, and nearly out of the first floor. This version is quite a bit more polished than when these were community mods, and so far not a single issue with the game at all. I'm very impressed. I'm running in 1920x1080 too. :D I wish my work day was over, so I could get back to Citadel Station. There's things that need doing there!!
Been playing Destiny. Still need to finish up Pillars of Eternity and the Witcher 3, but had a hankering for some shootering.
Things STILL aren't getting done on Citadel right now. Damn this work, damn it!!! :D (one would think with the amount of times I've already played through System Shock that it wouldn't be a big deal, but it's got the same pull it always has. I'll probably binge right through it this weekend. It's raining here, I'm waiting on a tool to show up before I can finish a side project, so System Shock it is. :cool:
Finishing episode 4 of "Life is Strange".

Then need to try to get back into Mad Max. Not sure about it yet.

Also, I bought the DLC for "Never Alone" a while back. So, maybe that instead of Mad Max.
It's quite fun but the graphics (even maxed out) looks really pixelated.

As for what I'm playing, currently on a CS grind to becoming a GE. Only 2 ranks away.
Status report: Reactor Level - Citidel Station

Looks like I won't quite finish the game this weekend, but making good progress.
I'm still modding and playing Skyrim. Trying to see if I can best 5.25GB VRAM usage. :D
I haven't seen a game this good for years mechanics wise. I think the last game that felt so right was Half Life 2. It's not something that I can easily explain. But the just of it is feedback. When the game's feedback is natural, and you don't have to learn the mechanics, because every hint the game gives you is self explanatory. I mean how it feels when you fire weapons, or hit something, and other things, down to even the smallest things, like looting. Far Cry 3 came close, but they over complicated the crafting system. Here you don't need 125 types of resources to craft an ammo pouch to carry 3 instead of 2 bullets. Here you do everything with Scrap, end of the story. The only thing you need additional resources for are the stronghold projects, but those are independent of gameplay. You don't get handicapped, because you haven't found every part yet.

What game you guys talking about?
Tales from Borderlands
Witcher 3
Borderlands Pre Sequel

Still to open my MGS V copy for PS4 and get back into Until Dawn
Finally completed MGS V Phantom Pain. It's ok but not the best MGS in my books. Felt bit underwhelmed towards the end.
Probably more World of WarShips if the internet here will allow it, may reinstall wow before to long

Aww yeah
I spent 2 hrs on Dawn of War Dark Crusade last night... It was only supposed to take 30 mins.. Anywho, I feel some GTA V this weekend, maybe I'll beat some of the games I have yet to finish
Think I'm going to finish up Tomb Raider, play a little Diablo 3, and maybe some Tales from the Borderlands.
testing out my new 980ti with BF4! Elysian Night Owl pumpkin ale to drink.
Think I'm going to finish up Tomb Raider, play a little Diablo 3, and maybe some Tales from the Borderlands.

Tomb Raider sounds like a good idea...
I'm not sure if I'll be able to put down Elder Scrolls Online though.