What are you nerds playing this weekend?

Playing some CP2077.
I'm trying to like the game but I don't understand all the customization and everything.
Started up Red Dead Redemption 2 last night, probably play more of it on Sat/Sun when I get back from my folks for Christmas.
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Cyberpunk 2077 - Going to put at least 30 hours into it

Forge of Empires

Star Trek Fleet Commander
Finished Shadow of Chernobyl, now onto Clear Sky
Clear Sky done now time for Call of Pripyat

The ending of Clear Sky was a little lack luster but over all I still enjoyed the game. I have heard CoP is the best is the series though so I'm excited to finally check it out.
Bl3 designer cut
Alien Isolation Free version thanks to Epic
Cyberpunk 2077
Watchdogs legion
Rainbow 6 seige
Horizon zero dawn
Warhammer Mechanicus
Warface for Christmas maps

Building a new Intel Pc tommorow i9 10850k
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Ryzen 3900X build complete now, plannig to test today/tomorrow Half-Life Alyx with Oculus Quest 2 and Virtual Desktop :)
Hoping to finish the story missions on Spider-Man Remastered this weekend and also started up RDR2 on PC. Feels like a new game compared to the Xbox version. KB+M with the first person camera feels great.
More shadowlands, apex legends and maybe some Bordelands 3 or cyberpunk 2077
Trying Nox Archaist.

It's an indie game that was made for the Apple II in 2020. They tried to put some modern sensibilities in it. Some I like, some I can't stand. Going through a completely blind playthrough.
Going semi-oldschool -- I played Street Fighter IV and Zone of the Enders over the weekend. First time playing Z.O.E., and I sort of like it even though it doesn't feel like the game has aged especially well and the English voice acting is just awful lol. I heard the second one is much better...will definitely still be playing it despite the first being kind of a lukewarm time.
ArmA 3. Constantly reminds me how shitty the devs of this game are. And why its sad there is nothing remotely modern in the genre.
Rainbow Six Seige just a match or two not really good at . Vacation over after today spent the most time playing Alien Isolation Cyberpunk and Last Epoch. Not looking forward to the Walmart grind.
7 Days To Die... it would be Cyberpunk 2077, but I am waiting until CDPR gets their act together and fixes the game. If they don't fix it, I'll finish my playthrough eventually and then go back to The Witcher 3.
Mario Odyssey
Breath of the Wild

That’s about it.

Maybe a bit of CP.
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Just some racing titles. rFactor 2, RaceRoom, Assetto Corsa. I've been playing Tom Clancy's Hawx all week and wanted to change things up.
Minecraft. I've had a couple of friends over on my server, one of them is going all out and is doing a 1:1 Zelda 1 overworld recreation.

It looks awesome.


I'm just building stuff in and around the city myself:

Shader packs absolutely fucking TANK performance, but its worth it for those sweet, sweet reflections.
Kingdom come deliverance. Absolutely addicted. I was afraid the combat would be too hard but it’s challenging and fun.
CoD Modern Warfare. Seems like another wave of cheaters though. Seems to happen every few months.

Will go ahead and try Cyberpunk in the next few days or weeks.
I've been wasting my life (and money) in Genshin Impact now for far too long - need something new to play.
Going back through the 30+ unplayed games in my Steam Library and giving them all a try, starting with Amnesia Dark Descent.