What are you guys running for surround/eyefinity monitor setups?


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Jul 26, 2005
I'm kinda stuck,

So Im running 3x27" Acers G27s. I'm happy with it but I had a friend offer me a couple hundred bucks for a couple of them and I want to keep one for my studio rig.

So the drawback of these is I have to use adapters since they are DVI/Vga only and they're only 60hz though I havent had an over 60hz monitor since the CRT days. I have no idea how much of a difference g-sync or 144hz whatever makes.

I know I absolutely will never go under 27" again. In fact I'd rather go higher. It seems like on the 27" and above all the good monitors now are like $600. Is that the norm now?

What are you other Surround/Eyefinity guys running these days? Anyone still doing 3D stuff? Is there a good monitor for that and S/E?


Dec 14, 2004
If you're gaming, variable refresh (G-Sync or FreeSync) makes a big difference if you're not pegging all your games at 60 fps (which I presume you're not since you only have one 980). The visual smoothness is literally more than double with 144 hz vs 60 hz refresh, which may or may not be a big deal to some people, but for me 60 hz is still very perceptibly "stuttery" in motion whereas the range of 100 hz and above is a completely different experience. With variable refresh this experience is more easily attained also, without stutter from the frame time variability that comes with dropping below a fixed refresh rate of 120 or 144 when your fps can't keep up and without tearing.

For 3D stuff you have pretty much only the choice of the Asus ROG Swift (PG278Q) at 1440p or the VG278HE at 1080p in 27". The ROG Swift has some problems with pixel inversion/vertical banding that basically halves the effective horizontal resolution of the screen in 3D in certain situations, and the VG278HE is still only 1080p at 27" which isn't all that great now that 1440p at 27" has become the standard. 3D support isn't really officially there anymore with newer titles because VR and all that has taken its place as the new thing, and 3D Surround is even worse off being the niche of the niche in terms of interest. If you're still interested I suggest you take a look at the Geforce 3D Vision board, which still hosts the dwindling majority of 3D users.

If you decide against 3D, you'll have a lot more options like replacing your triple-wide setup with a single ultra-wide screen like the Acer X34:

There are also some very fast IPS panels at 1440p 27" that go up to 165 hz, like the PG279Q, but no 3D with all these.

Edit: FWIW I find 3D very rewarding even with all the issues. For me it's a better playing experience than I get with VR (have a DK1 and DK2 and tried the newer prototypes as well), which I find is more of a novel perceptual experience but isn't really all that fun for conventional gameplay because of the resolution and input issues. 3D in Assetto Corsa and recently Fallout 4 is still very cool, but you'll have to use community-modified shaders and dlls to get things working nowadays.
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Aug 26, 2004
I've had my 3d surround setup for over 5 years now, and I can say it's all but dead. Like was mentioned, any stereoscopic support these days is for head mounted displays, which is entirely different than how it's implemented for 3d lcd's. There are still members in the community working on modding titles, but I've come to terms with the fact that I'm giving up on 3d gaming with my next monitor upgrade. Still makes me sad, though :(