What are some of the things you guys have done to take advantage of your large amount of ram?


Sep 28, 2020
What are some of the things you guys have done to take advantage of your large amount of ram?
Ran photogrametry calculations with larger set of images.
Nothing, I have 96GB of ram in my server, upgraded from 24GB... it sits somewhere around 5gb of usage and sometimes spikes to 6 or 7, lol. I just bought it because the price was right and I wanted it. If I get bored I could probably make a nice size ram cache for my disk i/o... but even that is limited by my network speeds anyways. I'll probably never find a good use for it, but if I do, it's there for me!
It doesn't take much ram. but back before SSDs were cheap, I made a 4gb ram disc to run my minecraft server off of. Ran incredibly well, no lag generating new chunks regardless of crazy shenanigans going on.

Ram disks are old news now but it felt real impressive at the time lol.
Use Freenas.

Honestly, started to edit down 360 videos in premiere, looking at getting 64GB for the next build due to using most of it.
RAMcache. Absolutely love it. You know how you hear that NVME's don't make loading any better? Well RAMcache's absolutely fucking do!

Otherwise just having a shit ton of tabs open in the background combined with some of those simulation games that use a fuckton of RAM (Cities Skylines + Mods, Planet Coaster/Planet Zoo, MS Flight Simulator 2020 etc.) and its gone pretty quickly.
symlinked stuff to /dev/shm. My plex box with 24G uses /dev/shm as a temp directory for my DVR of live tv streams.
Screwed around doing programming stuff until I ran out (32GB), then went to Microcenter and got 4 more sticks (32->64GB).
3D artwork.

I run 128GB and I've crashed renders from running out of memory.
My Hero!
I use chrome and Photoshop at the same time and job is done! (32GB ram!!!) :)))))
Gosh, how can chrome use RAM like it's a rendering software?