What additions needed for HTPC conversion?


Limp Gawd
Nov 22, 2008
I am looking to make an HTPC capable of gaming as well as replacing my set-top box, DVR, DVD player and audio receiver. Basically I want to fit as many common HT functions as possible into a single box.

To this end I figure I'll need to add the following to the system in my sig:

- New ATX HTPC case with remote (Antec 900 isn't very living room friendly :) )
- Ceton quad tuner card (if they ever become available)
- mCableCard from TWC
- Blu-ray drive
- separate sound card??
- Win7 MC​

Being new to the HTPC gig, would adding those items to my existing system allow me to completely replace my existing STB w/DVR, DVD player and (maybe?) audio receiver? The ultimate goal would be a single box solution although if I have to run it through an amp in order to drive HT speakers that would work as well. I also want it to hold its own for gaming in 1080p.

Seeing as Ceton cards won't be available for a couple of months at best I've got time to slowly purchase parts as they go on sale. I'll collect any recommendations you make and start watching for them across the 'net.



Jan 9, 2003
Sounds like it would... but sound cards arnt amplifiers so you'll still need an amplifier/receiver to output to all your speakers.

I'd personally look at the Onkyo HTiB from NewEgg, i picked up a 7.1 channel kit and its GREAT. Im not a big audiophile and it sounds AWESOME for my home theater setup.

Im assuming you want to use your existing PC, which is why you m,ention seperate sound card... well yeah then you'll need a 5.1/7.1 sound card, also a video card with HDMI out (or DVI that supports 1080p resolution).


Oct 23, 2006
the audio from his motherboard would work fine. even the analog jacks, i still use them off cheap motherboards and get really good results. anything less then an HD audio codec though can be notieably duller in sound.......