Limp Gawd
Sep 9, 2004
Here is the story. I sold my PSP packaged it up and my wife had to mail some other package so she took it with her. Last night I asked for the reciept so I could email it to the buyer and she said she got busy and never shipped out the packages. This morning I went out to her truck to get it and the box was wet. I opened it up to make sure it wasnt damaged and there is moisture in the screen. I havent fired it up yet because I want to see what I can do so in case it causes more damage. I refunded the buyers money plus threw him a $5 hassel fee but what steps should I take before powering it up?
I had a cellphone that had water under the display, I accidentally left it in the sunlight inside my car for a few hours and when I came back to it no more water.
Let it dry for a few days before even trying to turn it on. Waiting is probably the best precaution to take.
It's probably already too late, but you should have take the battery out as soon as possible.
my cellphone went into the washing machine, the battery was in and the phone was on. I just let it dry for 1-2 weeks, cam back and it worked better than before.
I had a Palm phone in my pocket, got pushed into a pool and then the dumb thing would never work again but I didn't let it dry out. So... let it dry, baby! :D
I left my GPS receiver in the washer, possibly twice since it was missing for two weeks, and it still powered up and took a charge! Couldn't connect to it via Bluetooth though so it was pretty much useless. Still made a great warranty return though since the damn thing still looked new!
Wrap it in a paper towel and stick in a ziplock bag with rice for a few days. Seriously ive heard it does wonders.
It works, They used to put in salt shakers at only the highest quality resturants (Wendy's) to prevent the humidity in the air from making the salt inside one big clump.
yes this is very very interesting .. i almost fell into the pool 2 days ago and had my DS in my pocket
I will keep you updated and I hope Uncle Ben works his magic on it. I think a couple more days and I will see what happens.
I had my car stereo face in the snow for about 3 days. I let it dry out for about a week and it worked fine when I went to use it. Electronics are usually good to go once they are dry.
You should test out this theory on your monitor. Go ahead and just dump it in the tub. Let it dry for about a month. Go ahead...do it...
(don't do it)
Rice is a good idea, I keep a handful of it in each of my gun safes.