Well I know where the source of a lot of phot chopped images are cuming from...


Aug 19, 2004
So first I have to admit I have been a supported and photographer for met art since 1994. I developed the first role in my high school dark room. My teacher nearly killed me when she saw what was on the role but since it was all figure study she let me go as long as I agree not to develop anything else like that at school. So Katya is my buddy Daine Van Ginsburgs naughty past all the women in hollywood were doing it so that if you wanted to see their naked bodies you had to pay them not someone photo chopping stuff. Well I saw an image a few years back that looked familar but could not have been the person since I knew in 2000 and 2001. snicker well the reason it looked familar is because it was from that set while she was active duty before going back home to Alaska it was taken on davis monthan afb... lol and it's supposed to be los angles. So while I know Arial A and Vivan Thomas the two idiots who actually own the rights to most of the images on MetArt.com well all the images that are floating around chopped the orignals are all up there. snicker. I have access to the whole arcvhive going back to the fifties and it is funny some of the images that are photochopped as current people. snicker. look up mango I served with her at davis monthan. dem apples lol.
I'm Asian and what you wrote confused me more than trying to understand my Asian parents talk with other Asian parents in broken English. I'm gonna go have a headache in the corner now.
Was that English? That there is what you call a run-on-sentence. Well 3 of them.
what the hell? I read that 6 times and still dont know what the hell they said.
OK good for you. Didn't understand much of it, but whatever.

If you got any models with a little covering clothes on them post them in the NSFW thread.

I have a been a photographer since high school. My high school teacher caught me developing nudes on film, in the high school dark room. I have been on Metart.com since 1994. Me and a friend did a nude set in 2000/2001, when she was on active dudy in the Airforce. Now, fast forward to the present, the set is appearing on Metart all photo shopped. I have the unaltered originals.


I swear, is this google translate or some shit?
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Looks like main genmay is still available to all registered members....

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Right. So:
1. a female USAF air....air....airlady got naked one time
1a. OP served in the USAF as a recon pilot of a U-2 or a SR-71 and wasn't briefed about Oxygen
It's all right there if you translate letter by letter and not word by word.
Sounds like OP wanted to brag about knowing adult actresses. Did some amateur porn when I was much younger, knowing adult actresses usually isn't something to brag about. lol