Well, I bit the bullet...

Jun 16, 2004
I'm gunna try building my own (crosses fingers).

Just ordered from NewEgg:

ATI RADEON 7000VE 32M DVI/TV $32.00 Cheap-assed throw-away vid card; I needed to have an extra so I can have this system up and running at the same time as my old system. Will ultimately take Radeon 9700 TX from current system.

KINGWIN SILVER All Aluminum 10-Bay Mid tower case, Model "KT-424-S" $76.00

Thermaltake W0013 Silent Purepower 480W with Silver housing - Xaser Edition ATX 2-Fan Power $53.00

Mitsumi 1.44MB Floppy $10.00

Hitachi 160GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive $98.00 for data storage

Western Digital Raptor 74GB 10,000RPM SATA Hard Drive $185.00 for boot drive

MSI "K8T Master2-FAR" VIA K8T800 Chipset Motherboard for Dual/Single AMD Socket 940 CPU -RETAIL $220.00 I tossed and turned about this vs. the Tyan mobos, but since this was half the price of the Thunders, and the Tyan problems with ATI video cards (don't know if it's just 9800 or other series as well), I opted for this one. Seems to have generally good feedback. The big expense is the CPUs; can always upgrade mobos later...

2x CPU AMD|OPTERON 246 2.0 GHz RETAIL $930.00 Yeah, I opted to spend the $40 extra to get the retail CPUs even though I'll be using the heatsinks and fans from the mobo; I felt the 3-year warranty vs. 30-day warranty was worth it (and NewEgg's "extended warranty" on the OEM CPUs to up the warranty to 1 year was almost double the cost of simply getting the retail CPUs... go figure). I was originally going to go for a pair of 242s, but decided to up the ante since the 246s fully support the DDR3200 RAM.

Total cost with S&H = $1,627.99

I've got 2 sticks of 512MB PC3200 Registered ECC Mushkin coming from Ebay. Will add 2 more sticks as budget allows.

From my old system I'll be snagging a Lite-on 52x CDRW, Panasonic LVD-511 DVD-RAM/DVD-R drive, ATI Radeon 9700 TX, Soundblaster Audigy, external firewire DVD+RW drive, and my Dell Ultrasharp FP2000 (just about the sweetest 1600x1200 native LCD you can imagine).

Assuming I don't Fsck things up, it should be a screamer. :D


Tweak Monkey

Jun 14, 2004
Looks like a pretty good comp you've got set up for yourself....what are you going to run on it? The thing is fast enough to run all the pr0n you can handle before you even think about openeing it!


Limp Gawd
Jun 20, 2002
Looks like a winner. I have that same motherboard. I almost went for that Tyan motherboard, simply because I love Tyan products, but all the incompatabilities it had with Radeon cards simply wasn't gonna fly with me (I have a Radeon 9800Pro working like a charm).

Get some pics! ;)


Jun 10, 2004
the tyan runs great with an x800...but doesn't seem like you need one of those yet.


Supreme [H]ardness
Feb 25, 2004
heavyharmonies said:
Hitachi 160GB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive $98.00 for data storage

awesome drives, theyre so cheap you should just get 2 and run them in raid 0 or 1 your choice.
Jun 11, 2000
That's a pile of sh!t! :p ;)

No, seriously, that's one heck of a rig and it has all kinds of potential. I like it. I'd imagine you'd be very excited building it an a heck of a good time using it... Personally, I'd like to experiement with the Opteron also, but too chicken sh!t to bite the bullet and build it.

One component I'd pay attention to is the PSU... I don't have anything against Thermaltake - they make good PSUs - up to a certain extent. Don't forget, you're using some rather juicy parts - dual Opterons and ultimately a heck of a vid card, I'd go for something from a 'more reliable' manufacturer. Like all things in life - you get what you pay for...



Supreme [H]ardness
Feb 5, 2003
The only thing slightly askew here is the video card: you can't rob a box of that caliber by not forking over a few hundred for a nice juicy 6800!