Weird issue with a dedicated server


Limp Gawd
Nov 29, 2010
So here's the deal... I host a site using Dreamhost for a friend. He has a dedicated game server and wanted to use my webhosting as the redirect to server up map files and such. We've done it before with other hosts (both web hosts and dedicated server providers) without any issue.

I've gone as far as asking DH to check into the configs for me on the network and ensure they werent blocking the server ip for an old ddos when we weren't the owners of it and they said no they weren't. So, what kind of issues are left. Traceroute and ping both come back clean with no issues... ssh, http and https all fail. the web host is debian based servers using apache 2.2, but as i said, they're clean on their end. the dedi host is runnin win server 2k8, firewall is up, but it has no issue with any other site on any other block of domains. i've seen every other site not hosted by dreamhost work perfectly, but all domains hosted by dreamhost so far come back to a time out.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm drawing a blank outside of the dedi provider blocking the dh ip block for a prior ddos maybe or the other way around (and DH just missed it somewhere).