Weird flicker on Rtx 2080 Ti on Assassin Creed Oddyssey.


Mar 16, 2017
My pc:
9900K stock 60C
2x16GB DDR4 GSKILL 3000mhz
Aorus 2080 Ti Rtx Waterforce 59C on game, no oc,stock all.

Windows 10 1903.
Drivers up to date 431.60.

I am get in AC:Odyssey random flicker,like triangle,or retriangle. It will happen in city few minutes after starting game and it flicker just for 1 second. And after that is fine no flickering.
Its not big issue but i want to be sure if my card is ok.
. I start game play 4 minutes, then i see a flicker ( random weird object like triangle,brown retriangle or block ) for 1 second and no issue again,and its fine.

it will flicker once for 1 second . Flicker something like texture or other weird object like triangle or brown rectangle etc. And then its fine 24 hours. And that happens in one particular place in game so far i tested. So propably game fluke not card?

I tested all benchmarks firestrike,ungine,metro,tomb raider,wolfenstein,battlefield 5 and no issues and never happens something like that.

I found incidentally on youtube with other user, it is something like that ! look:

1:26 second

Feb 23, 2009
Looks like card artifacts,I see you say no OC,I would downclock memory and see if it is still there on the benchmark.I just picked out another spot for you at 1:08 of video.IF it goes away,I would then overclock and stress the memory as much as you can until it fails ,then do RMA.