weird airflow, turbulance in case?


Oct 18, 2004
hey all, I noticed somethign unusal yesterday. First my hardware then my problem

Abit KV8 pro
AMD A64 3200+ DTR
1 gig cosair pc3200 XL
AlphaNovatech PAL8150T heatsink
Coolermaster Wavemaster case
3 Thermaltake Smart case fan II fans controlled by a Coolermaster Aerogate2.
1 LED fan up top instead of the connectors.
good cable management.

If you need more details here, let me know

Ok, for the smart fans, i have two installed where the stock intake fans were, and one where the exhaust was (i know kinda obvious, but oh well)

(this is somethign i did last night just for no real reason) I have a temp sensor mounted by the heatsink floating in air to see what my case temp is. when both intake fans are turned all the way down, it reported 26 C. with the top itnake fan turned up, the temp dropped to 24.5C. when i turned it back down it returned to 26C. When i turned the bottom intake fan all the way up, the temp sensor reported back 31C. With both turned up it reported back 30C. With the bottom fan at 1/2 speed, it reported back 24.5C again. The same load was on the CPU and all the temps were recorded with the Aerogate 2.

Can some one tell me what is going on? when the bottom intake fan is turned up is it creating turbalnce keep any of the other air from flowing? Thanx for your help.
heh... i had a slightly similar experience with my homebrew case... i had had simply 1 intake fan, no exhaust fan... i turned it around, because it was reccommended to me to do so, and my case temps rose 0.o.

then i turned it back around, and they fell to normal.

i then added 2 60 mm processor fans as intake fans (off xeons) and reversed the 80 mm fan at top to be an exhaust fan again.

again, case temps rose. but CPU temps fell. 0.o

i attribute it to the other way i was blowing cool outside air over the temp probe. this way, it gets the air on it's way out of the case, as opposed to it's way in.

what was i saying? oh yeah...change where you put the temp probe occasionally while testing, and try and spot the stupid stuff :)