Web conferencing / meeting services


Dec 2, 2009
With all of this telework and related craziness, I wanted to see what everyone's office / company is using - webex, join.me, zoom, skype, ms teams, other? Let me know!

So far Zoom has been working best for us. We had Gotomeeting, but since the whole COVID it's been slow. MS Teams is good, but we only use that internally since we don't have it setup for VOIP.
My daughter's company jumped on the Zoom bandwagon....Me, I'm still working in person.
Thanks guys. My office is old school and maybe just a few years ago finally got into webex. But since the covid situation, everyone I talk to seems to bring up Zoom, so I figured I'd ask here and see what [H] thought about it.
Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business. We do mostly internal departmental meetings and very few people host meetings with external contacts.
https://meet.jit.si provides almost everything every other does, FULLY free, Open source, can self host. Only thing i wish it had was accounts to where you could directly connect to an individual.

the generally office is using Hype, which is generally horrible. More so that it requires some specific ports to be open. I believe $100/user though probably cheaper on bulk. they have a current free 6months.

High Five also is nice, but also not free. appears to be mostly web based.