We all know how annoying Windows XP Activation is...

=HS= Rhys

Feb 24, 2007

Yeh, anyway. Heres the scenario:
Ive got Windows XP Home installed on a computer, and im going to install a FULL version of Windows XP PRO onto it. Will i be able to use and activate the Windows XP home on the new computer that im building?

Yes you may under certain conditions. Is the XP Home an OEM or retail install?

Legally an OEM install is nontransferable.

If it is retail copy, you may transfer it to another machine provided it being used on only one computer

Hope this answers your question to satisfaction.
You aren't technically supposed to be able to transfer OEM copies, but I've done it several times and never had a problem at all...even when I had to call in. I've activated my same copy of XP Pro OEM several times through various hardware upgrades and such, and I tell Microsoft the truth when I call in as well. All they ask is what kind of computer it is and if it is only installed on one machine.
^^This has been my experience with oem copies as well^^

As long as the copy is installed on only one machine at a time, I don't think they have any problem activating it for you..And I personally don't think a five minute phone call is that much of a hassle, but that's just my opinion..
cheers for the replies.
I'll just give them a ring when i come to activate it then and explain that i've just changed some hardware.