wd blue 1tb ssd or samsung 850 evo 1tb ssd?


Nov 23, 2011
i need to buy a ssd. which one do you guys recommend? wd or samsung?
Samsung for now...The WD SSD's are still fairly new to the market, and I'd personally give them some time to see how they do before I spent my cash. Samsung has a long and successful history with SSDs already.
I would consider the crucial mx300 as well. Although prices are increasing now because of the shortage.
Hard to go wrong with Samsung, still waiting for Crucial to have something that competes with them.
Is price a factor for you? If not, the Samsung 850 EVO all day long. If price does matter, then toss up, big price difference that might be a factor to you.
Price is not matter this time. I just want to get rid of my mechanical drives!
I'm looking at SSDs now myself. Crucial 2TB is mighty attractive and for the most part i doubt I'll notice the difference on performance between it and Samsung. The thing I'm wondering about the most is just how much more reliable are Samsung's versus the mx300 series. I capacity versus reliability basically
The thing I'm wondering about the most is just how much more reliable are Samsung's versus the mx300 series.

I would expect to have less than 0.5% Annual Failure Rate for either.
I've had a couple of the crucial mx series about 3 years ago, and a 2 or 3 samsung evo series. Never had problems between them, use them all the time... never benchmarked them either. IIRC, speed is supposed to be comparable, but Samsung would win at transferring lots of small files.

The Crucial drives have the appeal of a better warranty - There's a thing called like Total Bytes Written. For most SSD's the warrant covers a rather low value. Crucial scales it the larger the drive gets. I used to do toooooons of backing up, copying, and database work on my SSD, so this mattered to me. I highly highly doubt it matters to you - I think the number is like 20 GB written a day for 3 years or something like that... and I think Samsung increased their number recently, and even if they didn't the prices have come down enough that if your drive dies out of warranty it should be easy to replace.

I know the crucial also has the bx200 series, which I think has been discontinued? It's their low-cost line for large businesses. If you find that line of SSD's, they'll usually be a tad slower, but much cheaper.