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Jan 19, 2012
Hey all just doing some cleaning and move along my watercooling items and couple of computer cases to fund some other hobbies and dreams.

Heatware: LastLegion
Ebay: LastLegionnaire
OCN: LastLegion

Possible Trades:
-Not currently looking for trades but offers are welcome.

Other particulars:
-Please include heatware references/account name when PM'ing
-Payment via Google Wallet preferred, Verified PayPal for users with good Heatware
-Shipped prices are to US48 only, may be willing to ship Alaska and Hawaii at buyer's expense
-I don't ship first period.
-I am local to the Milwaukee WI area and I am more than willing to save a trip to UPS/Fedex/USPS

Picture Album - More pictures can be taken on request and added to the album

Assume all items are used unless otherwise specified and will all need some cleaning and flushing before use. Will gladly combo multiple items together.

2x EK FC Titan SE (fits 780 gtx) waterblocks black acetal/copper - $40 shipped each

1x XSPC pre-Raystorm CPU waterblock - $30 shipped

2x XSPC Photon 270 reservoirs used - $45 shipped each

1x Black Ice 240mm silent radiator - $40 shipped

XSPC 1/2ID 3/4OD compression fittings lot of 30 or more - most are used with some wear - $75 shipped

Bitspower D-plugs lot of 8 - $35 shipped

Miscellaneous extension fittings with male/male, female/male, female/female threads - $40 shipped

Miscellaneous bag of stop fittings and bulkheads etc - $40 shipped

Miscellaneous multiconnectors 6 total - $25 shipped

Miscellaneous Enzotech 90 degree rotary adapters 11 total - $45 shipped

Miscellaneous enzotech extensions 10 total - $35 shipped

Bitspower D5 mod top - leaked through one of the screw holes and was repaired and used liquid electrical tape to make it black again can't remember if I had tested after fixing - $15 shipped

Bitspower D5 mod kit - $30 shipped

XSPC 5.25 reservoir - $15 shipped

Koolance CTR-SPD24X2 - Used to run D5 and D5 strong pumps at up to 24 volts - $45 shipped

Air Cooling:

1x Silverstone AR06 cpu fan (fits RVZ02) - $37 shipped

2x Akasa Venom Cooler all are brand new never mounted - $15 + shipping - 2 of 4 SOLD

Cases: Local Pickup only On the Larger Ones unless buyer is willing to pay all shipping/insurance

1x RVZ01 comes with original box but I have misplaced the PCIE slot blanks - $35 + shipping

1x Tripp Lite SRW12U 12U Wall Mount Rack Enclosure Server Cabinet $150 local pickup only

Questions or anything please let me know and I'll gladly clarify/address them. Thanks!

EK D5 top - $25 shipped SOLD
1x Alphacool NexXxoS 240 Monsta Radiator has a dent in the bottom that doesn't affect use or performance - $45 shipped SOLD
2x Alphacool NexXxoS 480 Monsta Radiators - $110 shipped each -
2x XSPC Raystorm CPU waterblock (both have intel mount, 1 has AMD) - $40 shipped each
Miscellaneous bag of barbs 30 or so total - $30 shipped
Miscellaneous 45 degree angle adapters 13 total - $40 shipped
Quick Disconnects koolance silver ones - all are used some have more wear than others, need to be cleaned 8 pairs - $75 shipped
1x CaseLabs TH10 in Matte White - $500 local pickup only
1x CaseLabs Mercury S3 - $230 shipped
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I'm looking for two 45 degree Male to Female fittings. Cosmetics don't matter. 5$ in an envelope to 92115?
Currently selling items as lots of like parts exception being the bigger radiators and such. bump
Tell me the story of your S3... I think I'm in love.

I see mods on it, did you have ten radiators on it at one time? Do you have pics?
Yes, thanks! I'm going to check out the link when I get done with work today