Water Cooling solutions for RX 580?

Discussion in 'AMD Flavor' started by Lumpus, Jul 27, 2018.

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    Ok, it's a hot summer and the a/c in my computer room sucks (another issue)...

    My Sapphire RX 580 Nitro+ LE is running temps on average of 45c on idle (MS Office/Firefox), gaming at 74c with peaks at 80c. Fan is peaking at only around 60%, so that suggests that I really shouldn't be too worried about the GPU temps, maybe? Yes, I know that all of AMD's current gen cards are all heat burners (which conversely will help this room in the winter... all three weeks of it, later).

    CPU is already w/c in a big Corsair Air 540 case with 5 140mm fans providing interior circulation. Will be soon replacing 2 of the 140's with 3 120's along the first intake grill for even better air movement.

    Worry some / not at all? Undervolt the GPU a little bit maybe?

    If I do decide to go semi-nuts and try to w/c this, what's a good product package to consider that isn't too tech intensive?


    Ok, Google is my friend... some 2017 RX 580 review testing suggests that my temps are spot on and maybe even a little lower than reviewer results. Ok... not worry then.

    Still curious about w/c options... or just wait for 7nm Navi ;)
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    I would not worry about it...The best you can do WC'ing wise is that Bitspower block that cools the GPU and memory i think but the VRMs aren't actively cooled..The block covers them but the water doesn't travel over that part of the coldplate which was stupid. This is assuming your gpu uses a reference 480/580 pcb. You can get an Alpahcool hybrid cooler that cools the gpu but the rest is cooled by a traditional HS.
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    IF you have an extra aio, red-mod it.
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    Default fan profile is pretty weak. If you're not concerned about noise, bump up the fan curve.

    I have mine on 30% at 40C to 90% at 85C. This gets me better performance, as the card doesn't throttle as soon (or at all).

    Water cooling is probably not needed once you set a more aggressive fan, but could be a fun project anyway.
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