Watch this and get free BF3 dogtags :)

Feb 23, 2006

Watch the trailer, after the video's over click the system you play BF3 on and sign in to your EA/Origin account and you get 5 dogtags that are really cool. After I did mine they were showing in my battlelog wright after.

Don't know if this is a limited time thing or not so grab um asap if you can.
Just mute it and let it play 4 minutes in the background. I hate movies.

The rabbit duck is my new avatar.
Video just freezes for me after 10-20 seconds, and refuses to load anymore after that.
10 hard members start complaining about how they lost their origin account.
Very nice. Appreciate the heads up!

Movie looks good. Especially for those with an actual appreciation of that life.
10 hard members start complaining about how they lost their origin account.

Actually, I didn't have to log in. It already detected my Origin active login; besides, why would dog tags magically appear on Battelog if it was not legitimate?
hmn, didn't get mine.


got em
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thanks, maybe they'll stick to my account for when I actually purchase BF3 in the future, haha
This redirects through EA's official site (and uses OAuth or whatever proprietary system they use), so I don't know how they could possibly hijack your Origin account without cooperation by EA. Plus I got my tags.
I'll have to check this out when I get home from work. I also saw somewhere that Dr Pepper is giving away dog tags. I think it only their bottles though. They have redemption codes on them.
Got mine changed, and I change origin password just in case something goes wrong :) Thanks OP!
I dunno, I thought the trailer was at least cool but honestly that was probably all the action scenes that was going to be in the movie anyways lol. Hope the rest isn't boring!
This is the kind of shit that's so sick about BF3! I love it, all the shit you can unlock and the shit you get from doing other shit that's not in the game. BTW, I'm posting this while taking a shit, ain't life great!