Watch the Intel CES 2019 Livestream


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Apr 10, 2003
Watch the Intel CES 2019 live-stream. It is locked to the Intel newsroom website here.

On the eve of CES, join Intel leaders -- Client Computing Group Senior Vice President Gregory Bryant, Data Center Group Executive Vice President Navin Shenoy and Mobileye, an Intel company, President and Chief Executive Officer Professor Amnon Shashua -- as they share news demonstrating how the company is in a unique position to continuously improve the computing and communications foundation through innovations in various areas, including advanced manufacturing processes, packaging and new architectures that will advance the way we experience the world. Announcements will span PCs and new devices to diverse growth segments including artificial intelligence, 5G and autonomous driving.

6 new 9th generation Core desktop from Core i3 - Core i9. Sunny Cove. Thunderbolt 3. Wifi 6. DL Boost.
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Datacenter. Cascade Lake is shipping. 48 cores. Intel Deep learning Boost. Optane persistent memory. Applications can recognize it as a large memory. Saves data when the power is out. Retail industry uses it. Biggest shopping day was Singles Day. Alibaba. Intel worked closely with Alibaba to improve the customer experience by improving their datacenter systems.
AI Everywhere from Cloud to Edge. Inference. Intel Nervana Neural Network Processor. Facebook is using it!
5G runs on Intel. 5G modem. Snow Ridge. Intel base station (cellphone towers). 10 nm technology in use in Snow Ridge. 40% market penetration by 2022. 0% now.
Ice Lake client, Lakefield client,Snow Ridge data center, Ice Lake data center.
Mobileye. Driving assist. Mobileye EyeQ5. Level 3 - level 4 autonomous driving. 2021 goal. Mobility as a service. Volkswagen. Mobility as a service to Israel. Standardize safety. Safe and agile at the same time. Autonomous vehicle can safely navigate through highways even if the traffic isn't conventional such as a stopped car in the road. Can detect underground data such as gas lines along with overground data. to map areas and infrastructure.
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Who gives a flying eff about Intel, I wanna see AMD's presser more than anything at CES...
11" formfactor? Is it a dev board, embedded server?

Could you expound on these a bit? A short summary is fine. Also, is the full presentation up on the linked site or youtube? I might watch it later.
AlphaAtlas is writing up an article right now! :)