Watch Streaming TV On Oculus Go, With Oculus TV


May 13, 2013
AndroidCenteral is reporting that available today on the Oculus Store is a new app called Oculus TV. Available for free after downloading the app will transport you to a virtual living room, with a 180" equivalent screen, where you can watch content from Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, Pluto TV and more.

Throughout the summer and fall, Oculus TV will get support for more apps and broadcast partners, with one of the highlights being ESPN.
I will have to give that a try. Tried using BigScreen but with limited success
I don't know why people get excited about this crap. The viewing experience SUCKS compared to watching a real screen. The only use I could see for this is when you are trapped on an airplane, but even then, I would prefer just watching a movie on my phone to strapping a VR headset on.
a 4" screen right in front of your eyes. Don't know what is hard to understand about this.
That actually makes it a bigger challenge for the resolution. Resolution needs to be measure by pixels per steridian. Especially for a VR headset. Then compared to the Pixel per steridian for a 180" TV at a reasonable distance.
I'll never understand the fascination of watching anything on such a small screen.