Watch Dogs 2 free for joining July 12 video stream

nice...I got Division 2 for free a few months back and now Watch Dogs do I need to join the stream or just log into Uplay during the stream?
Keep in mind it's going to only be for about 45 minutes that it'll be free.

I think we all know how this is going to go...
lol is starting to slow down already and there is still 2+ hours before it starts.
I plan to stream on the youtube page and then login after the Trackmania part of the show.

I suppose you could probably just login/logout every 10min or so and you should get it....don't actually need to watch the stream.
I logged in already. I can't imagine I'll be kicked out between now and then.

I don't particularly like Ubisoft's draconian DRM, but I probably spent the most time this year with AC:O, FC5, and Breakpoint, so I guess I am a fan afterall.
Well thought out promotion. How hard is it to spin up some extra cloud servers.

They may as well have offered the whole catalog if no one can log in anyway. And their wonderful DRM system I assume means no one can play their games on a weekend afternoon US time. lol
Having trouble logging in here. Uplay says "either your login email or password is incorrect. Please try again." Looks like the servers are overloaded.
Even worse I was in uplay only to be kicked out just now. Can't even play my games that I own, way to go ubi.
I guess they just posted something saying you'll get a free game anyway and stop mashing the log-in button.
I guess they just posted something saying you'll get a free game anyway and stop mashing the log-in button.
I just wanted to play origins, didn't even know or care about the giveway.
I got through past the login page but it's stuck at the page where it says "welcome back".
Annotation 2020-07-12 131510.png
so everyone with a Uplay account is getting Watch Dogs 2 for free even if they didn't log in?
Def. a crappy event. Those code giveaways during preshow were impossible to get due to lag. No chance whatsoever.
uplay loads but store tab is broken.
i got track mania the other day and had to make a silly account there.
so we are going to have to wait till the log in free game crazy calms down
Yeah game codes in the preshow were impossible to get. I couldn't get one even when I used a screen cap to text program to get the code within a 2 seconds of it showing up on my screen. So I was probably on some kind of delay even though I was watching directly on ubisoft's site, or uplay couldn't processes the code fast enough. Still I got the WD2 game a few minutes before the main show started with no issues, but I stayed logged in in my chrome browser and had uplay running from 2 hours before the show started.

Unfortunately I didn't really much care for the games shown. WD Legion looked a little interesting, but I really never finished the first one and don't know if I'll even get to #2. Valhalla didn't really seem that interesting to me. It looked like it's just Odyssey with vikings and I stopped playing Odyssey because I got so sick of how the game grind felt more like work than a game.
Registered, but don't know how long it's supposed to take for it to show up
I didn't receive it either. I'd think that "soon" means a day or two to ubisoft.
I tried to do this yesterday and the links kept sending me in circles. Now when I pull-up the UPlay app, the store page is a huge resource hog. Guess I'm not getting WD2. Then again, I dunno if I even would have played it. I tried to play through the first one a couple times and kept losing interest.