[Warm] Samsung 980 Pro 2TB M.2 2280 PCIe Gen 4.0 x4 NVMe @ $249.99 with and/or without the heatsink

Dang, that is a nice price! I swear I looked at it yesterday and it was still regular / higher price. Good to see Prime dropping some more prices.
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Bought 2 of these around the holidays from Newegg for around $260/ea I believe with the sales and QuadPay promo. Tempted to get more but I haven’t used the first 2 that much and DirectStorage keeps getting delayed. Could probably use one for the PS5 but haven’t filled the onboard yet.
Damn I'm too slow, it's dead.
Was gonna order one for my new rig I'm building this fall. Mostly waiting for black friday/cyber monday deals. But I'll grab parts between now and then if it's a good deal.
Just received mine this afternoon and just finished the clone, I went from a middle/bottom quality class Sabrent Rocket that was not so bad read wise, but has the drive got full the numbers on the write side started to get close for large sequential to what the best regular spinning hard drive could do.

In crystal mark read tend to be 2-3 time faster, write between 2 and 16 time faster, will see for real world difference, but booting/sql database stuff do feel snappier.

Thanks for the head ups.