Warm? Razer Tarantula Keyboard, $50 in store pick-up only @ CC

Sweet might have to go get one of these. I have the ipod dock version on my spare machine.
I got 2 actually. I did the in store pick up option for me and a friend, but we went to Fry's during lunch and he was able to PM their last unopened one. Bestbuy actually put these on clearance a few weeks ago for less then $20, but I missed out on it. Its a pretty good keyboard, but its funny that its almost a clone of the Logitech S510. The layout down to the media keys on the sides are all the same.
clue me in on whats so good about this keyboard. I just dont see it. I picked up a v1 g15 back when buy.com had them on sale and i just dont see whats so great about the turantula.
Personal preference. I'm usually a logitech fan, I like the quality of the materials they use and I like their software (setpoint). I have an DiNovo, S510, G5, G7, and the VX nano.

I usually don't like razer that much because of the plastics they use feel cheap to me and they often ship out hardware with buggy firmware and drivers. I have a Habu and it pretty much required a firmware upgrade out of the box. The Tarantula also needed a firmware update before it would be recognized in DOS. I also have a DiamondBack and while the tracking seems good I hate the side buttons and the hard plastic its made out of.

What I like about it though are the shorter then normal height of the keys (like the Logitech S510), feedback of the keys (pretty firm), and built in memory that stores your profiles. Plus I think it looks good. It also has swappable keys (for symbols), but it doesn't come with very many (Only 10). Seriously though this keyboard is a clone of the Logitech S510 but wired. Thats a good thing in my book because thats the keyboard I was using.

As for the G15, I like the fully illuminated keyboard and the lcd is neat but not really useful for games IMHO. I don't like the large size of the keyboard though, the feel of the keys, or the look of it. The new version G15 I think looks better, but blue is better then orange.

I'd never pay full price for either the G15 or Tarantula but I think $50 is reasonable. Its comparable to the price of a solid regular keyboard.