warm -power color x800gt 256mb $155 shipped


May 25, 2005
warm -- x800gt $155 shipped .

might be a good deal--would be a better deal if it would unlock some extra pipes --but don't think it is possible . should overclock well with 480r core sign up and get $10 off first order.

just warm but nice compares well with a 6600gt with 8 pipelines and a has a faster core = more ram-- i have heard that it's about like a x800se or a 9800xt ? not a bad buy--

would be great if unlockable-(thank's ATI-for the lazer locks) for the price its OK but you may be able to get the x800pro or xl for another $50 that would wipe the floor with it. i suppose a OK buy if you can't wait--

Product Details :eek: