Warm? CORSAIR CV 650W 80+ Bronze PSU = $39.99 A/R

Seems decent. Definitely cheap for a 650watt psu. I wonder what internals they use these days in those.
I have one of these powering my brother's computer (3600, B450, 1070) and it works fine. I think $39AR was about what I paid for it.
  • Average performance
  • Low overall efficiency for today's standards
  • OCP at +12V is not properly set (the same goes for OPP)
  • Gets noisy under high operating temperatures
3 year warranty ... Seasonic is 10 year

Seasonic FOCUS GX-650 is 650W 80+ Gold, Fully Modular $115 at Newegg


like I said, don't skimp on the PS. If it fails it can take out other components