Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr


Mar 10, 2014

This is a stand alone game coming out late in July.
Yeah not exactly sure how I feel about it being "standalone" - the thing people are complaining about is you can't go back and re-play the base game campaign as the new class, which just seems like LAZINESS from the devs that they didn't want to rework another series of voice acting with the new class to be able to play through both the base game and the "expansion" - but at the current sale price, regardless, this is a fun game and I've already gotten my money's worth - not much else right now that I'm playing or looking forward to within 30 days or so, so it worked out just fine for me.


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Aug 26, 2018
Is this game anything like Warhammer 40k Dawn of War? I enjoy playing that game and it's DLC's but have read bad reviews on DOW2 and so on.


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Dec 14, 2007
the thing people are complaining about is you can't go back and re-play the base game campaign as the new class, which just seems like LAZINESS from the devs that they didn't want to rework another series of voice acting with the new class to be able to play through both the base game and the "expansion"
That is just odd for an ARPG. These Van Helsing devs have always been kinda weird though..

Is this game anything like Warhammer 40k Dawn of War? I enjoy playing that game and it's DLC's but have read bad reviews on DOW2 and so on.
Nope. It's an Action-RPG like Diablo etc.

The DOW2 base campaign and co-op are VERY well done. Just don't expect the level of base-building and RTS strategy that you're accustom to in the original DOW.... (I feel DOW2 caught a lotta flack when it actually did a lot of things REALLY right)


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Jun 7, 2008
I want this game but I don't want to squint so not sure if I want to buy it for my 24" monitor.


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Jun 7, 2008
Finally picked this up I actually didn't know it was a Action RPG when it launched I thought it was turned based at one time. still downloading the game....


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Jun 7, 2008
Tried it didn't like the controls when zoomed out everything looks the same. I like the graphics and sounds but gameplay just isn't there. Played for about a hour just refunded it..... One of those top down game that makes you feel like shit after a while because it's 3-D top down. My character said "feel the burn" basically that is what the game did to me.

Warhammer Mechanicus is alot better :D and so is Grim Dawn :D
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Nov 2, 2018
Tue, 19 November 2019 09:30 EST by Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - MartyrContent Update for Inquisitor - 2.2.0 - Nov 19
Weekly buffs, a new event, new PvP maps, and new rewards in the latest update for Inquisitor!

Updates to W40K: Inquisitor will be released. The updates will be applied automatically after the scheduled maintenance and when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted.

New Features

Weekly Buffs

Starting today, the Caligari Sector will have an unique bonus rotating weekly. With each freshly activated buff, players will gain an advantage in different activities. Weekly Buffs reset on Mondays with Glory.
The full list of the weekly buffs can be found here.

New Event: Edict of Termination

The Caligari Conclave has identified eight enemies of the Imperium as primary targets in need of immediate elimination. In His name they shall be obliterated from existence.

Enemies of the Imperium can now spawn instead of Villains during Missions. By defeating them, players are rewarded Fate, Credits, and gear - however, if all eight Targets are eliminated, the rewards are much more valuable - gather Favour, Loot Chests, Psalms, and Consumables!
  • Recommended Level: 50


Event Reward System

Custodian Rebus is in possession of valuable artifacts of time past, as well as powerful relics to help fighting against the enemies of the Imperium. However, he's willing to trade them for the right price. By completing various existing and upcoming Events, players are rewarded Favour that can be turned in at the Custodian in exchange for various cosmetics, consumables, auras, summons, and more!
  • Access to the Agartha Subsector is required in order to interact with Custodian Rebus.
  • Custodian Rebus is only available from Friday through Sunday at the Ormeus System.

Notable rewards include:
  • Unique Portrait Frames
  • Command Bridge Decorations
  • Footprints
  • Consumables
  • Auras
  • Summons

  • The original PvP map was visually slightly modified and new maps have been added
  • Added an Artificer Power Fist blueprint
  • Added an Artificer Phosphor Blaster blueprint
  • Added an Artificer Vivisector Claw blueprint

Fixed Bugs

  • Fixed an issue where various static objects could be highlighted in missions
  • Fixed a sound issue in the fourth Tutorial mission
  • Numerous fixes for Starmap missions
  • Fixed an issue where Mech enemy units did not drop loot in various missions
  • Fixed an issue where the Tech Adept had missing voiceovers in some campaign missions
  • Fixed a couple of camera angles in some campaign missions that occassionally caused CTD
  • Fixed some Challenges where construct kills were not counting properly

Perks, Passives, Heroic Deeds
  • Fixed the Art of Crippling Perk
  • The Opportunist Stance II perk's description got updated to better represent actual behavior
  • Corrected the description of the Stagger Exploitment perk
  • Corrected the description of the Berserker perk
  • Corrected the description of the Walking the Line Heroic Deed
  • Fixed the Grinding Through Heroic Deed
  • Fixed the Violent Addiction Heroic Deed which did not count the Adrenaline usage of the Stealth Bodysuit Armour
  • Corrected the description of the Quickening passive
  • Fixed a bug where upon using Ancient and Archeotech Personal Teleporters with the Zealous Displacement perk and the Bloodlust attribute active they did not restore HP and consumed Inoculator charges instead of class resource

  • From now on, every Psychic Power activates the Biomantic Haste passive skill

  • Fixed the Efficient Operative achievement
  • Fixed the Pawns of the Beast achievement
  • Fixed the Forged Lord achievement

Crafting and Itemization
  • Fixed some Relic Blueprint purchases that did not cost Fate as it was intended
  • Using an already known relic blueprint now properly adds additional crafting charges
  • From now on upon crafting relic Inoculators a relic enchant will properly appear on the crafted items
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in less enchants being crafted onto Archeotech Relic items
  • Fixed an issue where the Ancient relic requirement "Use booster type Inoculator component" did not count sometimes

  • Several crash fixes and stability improvements
  • Numerous localization fixes
  • Fixed the Suppression damage of some Plasma Cannon skills
  • Support Wargear renamed to Belt Equipment for consistency reasons
  • Fixed the issue where various Warzone and Tarot hazards affected the players as well
  • Fixed the Attunement milestone of the Psy Focus attribute of the Psyker
  • From now on the following units can also be properly targeted with the Sniper Rifle's Sniper Shot skill: Wave Serpent; Wind Rider; Howling Banshee Exarchs; Kastelan Robot

  • Fixed an issue where the previous battle's ID was displayed on the voting screen upon starting a battle in the Warzone

  • The 'Wear' slider under the Appearance tab can now be moved properly
  • Fixed an exploit where changing the appearance of the character could be done without spending any credits
  • Fixed an issue where the Thundering Leap skill sometimes did not work properly
  • Added several animations and illustrations for the Tutorials in the Journal
  • From now on, players can split their stacked items. By moving a stack in their inventory or stash, a window with a slider will appear

  • Tweaked the difficulty of the "Invaders on the Martyr" level and other defense missions as well
  • The Sentinel Armor skill’s (Summon Tarantula turret) had its cost reduced from 60 to 15 Zeal, its cooldown reduced to 5 seconds from 10. Range is slightly increased, and its rotation speed is increased from 63°/sec to 180°/sec
  • The Tarantula turret’s rotation speed was also increased from 63°/ sec to 180°/sec, its internal Cooldown got reduced from 3 sec to 2.2
  • The Frag Grenade had its cooldown reduced from 10 to 3 seconds, and it no longer triggers global cooldown
  • The Unholy Cathedral GUI now shows the score and the difficulty now increases after every 1 minute
  • Necromechanic turrets can now be placed freely just as tarantula turrets, they also received a spawn effect
  • The Necromechanic turret now gives 66% Damage Bonus instead of 50%; Cooldown reduction
  • Gamma turret now restores 1% HP/sec (up from 0.5%) and it now also gives 10% Damage reduction in the area.
  • Alpha turret restores 10% HP/sec (up from 5%)
  • The Toxicrene's passive cloud’s range now matches the after death poison cloud range, the after-death poison cloud’s duration was reduced to 5 seconds from 8 and is now properly visible
  • Removed "Strong vs Armored" from Lasgun equipped Tarantula turret

  • The Eradicator Assassin's initial perk has been changed to Deadshot
  • Mind Fortress now gives 5% Damage Reduction/sec (previously 3%) and stacks up to 20%
  • Runic Armour now lasts for 10 seconds (previously 5)
  • Grinder now gives a 66% Damage bonus (previously 30%)
  • Stride of the Blessed now gives 25% movement speed but also takes more (5%) Damage Reduction
  • Run and Gun Now gives 35% Damage Bonus (previously 20)
  • The Puritan perk now gives 4 energy shield/puritan points that regenerates faster than most energy shields. Works with shield related enchants. Also, while you have a shield active (any shield) players get a 25% Heat Damage Bonus
  • Tactician now only increases cooldown by 0.5 seconds while retaining all the other bonuses.
  • Berserk State: 2% Damage Bonus / stack (previously one), lasts for 2 seconds (previously 1)
  • The Radical Perk now gives a berserk token for every 5% HP lost, and now gives 0.015% bonus per radical point (previously 0.0033%)
  • The Vanquisher of the Vile perk now also gives a permanent 50% Suppression Damage Bonus
  • The Art of Crippling’s effect is increased from 50% to 80% debuff duration
  • Under Pressure’s Damage bonus is increased from 30% to 55%
  • Subdermal Mesh and Subdermal Plating’s positive Damage Reduce values has been adjusted to 20% from 10, but negative values have been increased to 7 from 3.
  • Martyrdom’s bonuses have been doubled
  • Artificial Organs' unlock requirement has been lowered to 200 inoculator uses from 2500, and added 1% of maximum class resource regeneration/sec
  • Augmented Body now also increases movement speed by 10% and it’s unlock requirements have been massively reduced
  • Opportunist Stance's ability changed to give -20% Cooldown for Skills with medium cooldown (between 4-10 sec) on Dodge move