Wallpapers for dual 16:10 screens - 5120x1600 goodness!


Limp Gawd
Sep 9, 2005
alright since i moved on from my 20/30/20 to dual 30" of goodness, it's time to start another thread of custom wallpapers.

I know there are already threads about dual monitor wallpapers. The only problem is that no one factors in the bezel correction except for me :)

These should fit all monitors that are 16:101


So here we go!

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Where do u get the original images? i have a 20-30-20 setup, did you make or find these wallpapers? if you made em how'd u do it? I love it how the everything lines up from screen to screen!
Did you cut out the middle parts to compensate for the monitor bezels?

EDIT: oops, didn't read your first post XD

but how did you calculate how many pixels to cut?
Let me know if these photos are too racy. I can take them down :)

candice swanepoel

diana vickers

ashley doris
Dead Rising 3 / Halo Spartan Assault

Infamous 2 / Infinite Crisis

Lost Planet 3 / Project Spark

Saints Row 4 / Sine Mora

warhammer 40,000
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