vsftp monitoring question


Supreme [H]ardness
Jan 14, 2005
Hi, I decided to dive into the world of Linux and so far so good. I only pulled out half my hair trying to get Gentoo to work right before I decided on using SuSE while I learned a little more about Linux.

So I am still a Linux noob but I managed to get VSFTP running how I want it to. My question is, is there any way to monitor what's going on with the server? who's connected, what they're uploading/downloading, etc.

I'd run various ftp servers under windows before but they were all GUI and so it was very easy to see what was going on with the server.


[H]ard|DCer of the Month - October 2005
Jun 29, 2004
Well, I'd guess there's one tool already installed: 'tail'. Try "tail -f /var/log/vsftpd.log" - it may be something else; check the configuration file. This reads the last 10 lines from the file, and then waits for changes. This will never stop; if you want to kill it, hit ctrl-c and it will go away.