VR as a Coping Mechanism for Loss: Meet Nayeon


Supreme [H]ardness
Dec 19, 2005
I like this generation of VR so far. Star Trek Bridge Crew is good for coping, imho

"I can not even begin to fathom the pain of losing one's child. I won't pretend to know how wrecking it must be to see the world's order cast aside. However, I am able to see how a mother would feel she didn't have the time - the chance - to try and cope with such a loss in the best way possible. I'm not one to judge the way others deal with their problems, with their pain. I believe, however, that any ethical concerns will be superseded by the fact that there is an obvious market for these reconstructions, and that the market will follow what it needs to follow to make these an eventual reality. How should we face this, though? How will it end up? How many people will end up happier because of it - and how many will enter a re-traumatization loop that will only exacerbate their pain?

I think the only question we can really try to answer is this one: what would we ourselves do?"



Jun 8, 2007
I know a person who would literally spend their entire life sobbing into that VR visor if they had this....and sadly its for a parent, not a child or what have you..... and this person is middle aged......this isn't therapy, this is virtual dependency.


Extremely [H]
Feb 9, 2002
This is a bad idea. In my opinion, any company looking to do this is exploiting people on a level that's far deeper than is generally acceptable or ethical.