Vote: DC'er of the Month: January 2018 part two

This time I vote for...

  • EXT64

    Votes: 4 33.3%
  • motqalden

    Votes: 4 33.3%
  • pututu

    Votes: 4 33.3%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Yep. And for a pictorial description of what CV is describing, the man in this picture is the "second winner". (Hint, the Hippo is "first"). Good luck to everybody!

It has been a bad week for me trying to keep my machines up and running. my landlord had a flood upstairs and my appartment has been filled with giant fans and dehumidifiers. I had to move my computers into my bedroom and my internet was down a couple times. apparently the upstairs router got killed by water so i have been trying to keep things going with my cellphone... thank goodness for being able to download more than a day of work at a time.... i am still hoping they don't have to rip out my new flooring -.-
Nah, we're all best buds, and aiming for another 3 way tie :D


Hmm, which one of them is the tortoise...
Ha, Pocatello will save a final vote for the end to break the tie, then immediately close voting :D
Hmm, so he is actually the tall guy controlling all of this :sneaky::whistle::sneaky::whistle::sneaky::whistle:

We need to get to the second 3-way tie! C'mon [H]ordes!
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I'm stuck wondering if the other two are holding back
I've not yet voted but I'll try to make this a 3-way tie, in case the tall guy wants to break the tie.... I think three us should take the Jan, Feb and Mar DCOTM, heh heh.

Poll closes in another 2.5 hours. I'm in PST zone. Watching closely....
Yeah, I mean I hope everyone agrees that it is far more fun to keep ending this in a tie (while still voting) than it is to actually have a winner. So let's keep up the good work!
There were 18 votes in the last poll so we definitely have some people waiting till the last minute to pull the trigger.
Feb. nominations haven't even started yet and its the freaking 19th.

Created by the TV show South Park where two people would kick each other in the crotch until one of them would fall over or give-up, used to determine the winner of an argument.

I propose that I adminster the kicks to all three "weiners."
Let’s make it the DC of the Quarter contest and all three win the DCotQ I title ...

Or the suggested kicking round ...
Yes, because if there is anything we need, it is longer and more complicated Hard DCer titles :D
My suggestion is that Pocatello picks a number between 1 and 100. He PMs this number to one other trusted person for verification purposes then he PMs the 3 way tie individuals to have them pick their number. Closest individual to the number without going over wins.

So there is no gaming the system each person will PM their number to Pocatello.
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