Vote: DC'er of the Month: January 2017

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  • Schmave

    Votes: 3 27.3%
  • tmossman01

    Votes: 2 18.2%
  • ChelseaOilman

    Votes: 6 54.5%

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Just an FYI, I was replying (to Skillz) on the nomination thread that my forum name is tmossman01 and then the thread closed.
Yes. I just closed the nomination thread.

Do you need the nomination thread opened for some reason?

I think you closed the thread while he was replying to me. LOL
Yea seems that they are all a bunch of nice guys and don't want to talk trash about each other, where is that scotty guy anyway :)
I'm still trying to fly under the radar so they don't vote for me. I'm saving my vote for the end to give to the other person with the most votes to insure his win like I did the last time with sc0tty8. He one by one vote. lol
sc0tty8, now scobar is now living in Colorado Springs after staying at my house for 3 weeks. He couldn't take Minnesota any more.
Well I will say Colorado is prettier than Minnesota but I am not so sure the winter weather is any better.

And it is pretty hard for you to fly under the radar ChelseaOilman there aren't many around here that have been around as long as you have been or that have contributed as much as you have both in computational contribution and help to others. I am proud that you are one that I count among my friends here. While since I know that you do not want my vote I will not give it to you but I will SALUTE you my friend.
I think he just wanted to get high without getting in trouble. lol
I think he just wanted to get high without getting in trouble. lol
That was a factor I'm sure. :)
My CO home is at 9K elevation so winters are long and the snow sticks around. All the big cities along the front range in CO at 5K elevation see the snow melt away in a couple days after each storm. They don't even plow side streets because it disappears so fast. My winter home is near Austin, TX. Never snows here. I love retirement!
And thanks Grandpa, your the best!
ChelseaOilman has my vote; mainly because I "know" who he is from over the years. ;)
Think I remember buying a 4P board from you many moons ago. I miss the BigAdv 4P days, IRC and Tear. VJ killed all the fun in F@H.

Nah, that wasn't me. We used to compete a lot in the BigAdv 4P days though! :) Now that it's all about GPUs, and the fact that (last I checked) F@H client doesn't support SOCKS proxy, I really don't partake in that project anymore. (Ignoring all other drama around the project, of course)
Congrats Mr. Fly Under The Radar Oilman for a title that is well deserved by you.
That is cool.

I don't perceive any killjoyishness from you. Keep on DC'ing!

Things have absolutely slowed down around here. Yet we still have lots of people doing wonderful things!