Void Bastards


[H]F Junkie
Feb 2, 2007
I saw some favorable reviews on this game, also say I had a % off coupon on steam (I think from owning system shock), went ahead and picked up the game. It is pretty freaking awesome. It is a silly rougelite shooter. Normally I don't care for that style of game, but I just set it to easy and play on through. The purpose of the game is to build shit for some end goal. Everything that gets built and upgraded remains with you regardless of death. You travel a starchart looking for components and the further down you go the harder the enemies (vs moving to the right). Different ships have different supplies and they tell you what you can find/build on them. They also have tons of modifiers and so forth. Overall it is a pretty great concept. A fantastic little game to pop open and play a few rounds between doing other stuff.