VMware not showing NIC after Win10 Anniversary Update


[H]ipster Replacement
Sep 29, 2001
I just updated my server with the Anniversary update and fired up my Win 10 VM and it showed that the Ethernet cable was unplugged, I checked the settings and there are no NICs listed to choose from.

Device Manager shows 2 VMware NIC's as well as the 4 NICs on the server, there is no issues shown in Device Manager.
Not sure what to do to get the NIC's to show up as I just started playing with VM's a week or so ago.


Here is the Device Manager,
Had the same thing with VMWare Player going from Win7 to Win10 Anniversary. Repair install of Player didn't fix it, but removing and reinstalling Player did. This also fixed problems I had with attaching USB devices after the upgrade. Config settings were saved, so it just took a couple minutes and was back up and running.
Uninstall is greyed out in Windows for some reason, so I just did a repair and it worked.