VMDK from one ESXi server to another


Apr 20, 2002
Server was powered off to be decommissioned. The VMDK and all supporting files have been copied to an external drive to transport to an ESXi host in another location. We want to be able to bring that server online, off the network as needed.

Do I just connect the external drive to the destination ESX host and create a folder on the datastore and import the files or is there a better way to do this?
I believe you can, through the VSphere Client, upload the .vmdk files to the ESXI datastore and then attach them to the VM. Make sure you have the flat file too.
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You will want to copy the entire VM folder.

Once imported into the new host, add it to the inventory by right-clicking the VMX file.
Before booting the VM simply go into the VM settings and either remove or "unconnect" the NIC.
Use converter or the vmdk will not be properly disk aligned. Direct copies are a bad practice.