VLANs to Use Part of Your Router as a Switch?


Supreme [H]ardness
Mar 22, 2015
Okay, this is going to sounds stupid or outright wrong on some level, but I'm staring at 6 empty ports in my router and I want to eliminate this 5-port unmanaged switch. The problem is that the switch feeds the router, so I don't want to create a network loop, but I think I may be able to get around it all if this works in theory.

Theory, set up all 6 ports on a separate VLAN. No routing, no dhcp, no IP in the same range as what the 5-port switch is handling. Use these as a switch with literally one of these going from the this vlan to the wan port on the same router. (I know crazy sounding, isn't it?).

But in theory, if there is a proper vlan set up, this should be a completely different network than that of the wan port.

The way it currently is, the 5-port switch is upstream of the router and provides the ethernet for a static IP set up on this router and another...ooo...I forgot about that...nevermind. This breaks my whole idea of having one router go down without the other. If I have this 'swtich' on the other router, I'm back to a single point of failure again. Oh well, going to post this anyways since this section needs some discussion, lol!