Vizio smartcast and Ubuiti .. help..


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Nov 17, 2000
Got a new Vizio P quantum TV.. went through setup by pairing the phone with the TV using the smartcast app.. when I get to where it's setting up the network the phone disconnects and can no longer discover the device. I decided to do a manual setup via the remote and go back to add the device and it will not discover it. From what I am seeing it has something to do with my network setup which is ATT's provided modem 1gb fiber which includes its own wireless i dont use... 8 port POE ubiquiti switch and two HD AP's... Could someone give me some advice?


Nov 29, 2016
Are you using the "same" network ? (2.4GHz VS 5GHz)
From memory using mine, pairing is done using bluetooth but after that, cast is done using network.

Now that I think about it, my response makes no sense but please try lol. I had issue using different frequencies.
Also, did you "lock" your TV to one device for casting ? (Mine came with a tablet which acts as a remote and I could lock casting to it)

EDIT: Reboot the casting device, I've had to do that for multiple devices (Phone / Tablet wouldn't see Sony/Chromecast devices unless restarted)
EDIT2: If your ISP "can/may/does" impair what you can do within your local network, PLEASE buy a real router.
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