Vista RC1 only display's 4bit color


Limp Gawd
Oct 4, 2005
Vista RC1 and Pre RC1 will only display @ 800x600 @ 4bit color, in device manager the only error is with the video card, and it reads as Code 12.

Here's what Microsoft say's about Code 12

Code 12
This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system. (Code 12)

Recommended resolution
Two devices have been assigned the same I/O ports, the same interrupt, or the same Direct Memory Access channel (either by the BIOS, the operating system, or a combination of the two). This error message can also appear if the BIOS did not allocate enough resources to the device (for example, if a universal serial bus (USB) controller is not an interrupt from the BIOS because of a corrupted Multiprocessor System (MPS) table).

You can use Device Manager to determine where the conflict is and disable the conflicting device. On the General Properties tab of the device, click Troubleshoot to start the Troubleshooting Wizard.

Here's my specs.
Shuttle XPC SN27P2
AMD X2 4000+
2Gb OCZ DDR2 800
WD 74Gb Raptor and Maxtor 320Gb Maxline III
USB Mouse, Keyboard, Printer, PVR

I have run the Forceware WDDM driver, the beta 2 driver, and the new RC1 driver. With no luck.

I would appreciate any help, but I'm thinking that its a BIOS issue with IRQ resource allocation.