Vista Problems with Itunes/Windows Media Player and other problems

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by taprootdef, Mar 28, 2007.

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    Hello. I seem to have a recent problem with Vista on my new HP pavillion dv9000t laptop. Both Itunes and Windows Media Player will not play any media that is opened in those programs. When I play a song in Itunes, it acts like it is playing but it stays at the 00:00 Time frame and does not advance. In Windows Media Player I get the following error when trying to play a song: Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file. For additional assistance, click Web Help.

    Web help tells me ERROR CODE C00D11B1 that my sound device may not be functioning correctly. However Websites that have music on them, play songs without any problems.

    I am also having this new wierd error with my networking connections. On the icon in the status bar, it tells me that Connection Status: unknown and that the Server execution failed. However, I have no problems with my wireless internet.

    I am also getting messeges from Windows telling me that I Have security problems. It is telling me that I do not have a firewall activated which i do (NORTON) and no malware problems. I can not do a system restore because I found out this computer did not have it activated automatically. These problems seemed to have started happening yesterday.

    Any help please?
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    This is likely a driver issue. I would download the drivers from HP and re-install them. That should fix this problem.

    Not sure here. You may want to drop HP tech support an e-mail on this, and perhaps the music player problem.

    Windows is telling you it's own firewall is disabled. Frankly, I think you're better off using Vista's Firewall over Nortons. Norton's consumer products generally suck and eat system resources like mad. The only reason some people used 3rd party software firewalls in XP was because XP only blocked incomming traffic and not outbound. Vista's internal firewall blocks both now.

    If you wish to keep Norton's firewall you can go into the control pannel for Vista's Security center and tell it not to notify you about the firewall since you use a 3rd party "solution."
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    His beef is whith the fact so many new people come in here wanting everything spoon-fed to them. Learning to solve problems on your own is a valuable skill that very few wish to have anymore.

    That being said, I don't think those comments are going to keep anyone away from this site. Anyone that fickle probably wouldn't make it very long on a message board anyway.