Vista OEM Price, Cheaper to Buy MCE now just for the Coupon?


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Dec 13, 2004
So i was surfin' the egg and saw MCE 2005 for $109.99 with a vista coupon. That coupon gives your Vista Home Premium. So i asked myself, whats the OEM price on Vista Home Premium going to be? If i want vista is gonna be cheaper for me to buy a copy of MCE now that i dont need just to get hte upgrade?

I searched and found nothing, so don't flame me to bad if this has been asked.
Dec 5, 2006
i am not sure if that works 100% though because if you go the microsoft website it does state that you receive vista if you buy a PC running xp that says vista capable. i work at best buy and we got this stuff back in september, and it was with a new pc purchase, it doesn't come with xp if u just buy it by itself. now thats not our rule that was microsoft's rule because it was there thing we were basically just a messenger.
but ok so every computer comes with a OEM version of xp, so does that make all OEM version compatible with the upgrade? not sure, but if u read microsofts agreement you click ok to when you install xp on a pc OEM states it is linked to that motherboard. so if u replace the motherboard then that copy of xp is linked to it. so how would they link your copy of OEM XP to a motherboard? is it during the first activation? not sure, well people have been told by newegg it will work, and people have been doing it and putting their info on the vista express upgrade program, but nobody has been approved yet as far as i know, people who bought a PC including myself and have done it have been approved. so i would b careful with it.