vista and anti viruses


Limp Gawd
Aug 6, 2006
So ive installed vista ultimate 64bit , signed up and downloaded the 1 year free ez trust anti virus how ever the real time protection does not work under 64bit :(. Ive got it running on my xp set up. Im currently using avast until i find another anti virus does any1 know of any other decent anti virus scanner that works under vista and is free / 1 year free?
basicly, most av programs dont work anymore because the av programs used the same exploits a malware program would use to hurt you, to protect you. such things dont exist anymore, and av vendors are pissing and moaning.
yeah avast is good and fix your sig got one toooooo many lines.
AVG Free as the name implies is free and work on every Vista install I have tried so far.
Not free... but VSE 8.5 works fine on 64 bit. It is even native 64bit OAS and ODS. Err time to do some anacrocleanup... heh.

VSE.. McAfee Virusscan Enterprise. Not retail.

OAS Means On Access Scan.

ODS Means On Demand Scan.

But as far as free. I am afraid not. so hummm a free one. Dunno avast I guess?
My Nod32 *latest version works fine on Vista ;) It's very light on resources, vista compatible, and catches viruses better than all the other anti viruses out there.