Vista + 295 + other (nv) card for triple monitor issue


Jan 3, 2006
So I gave in and picked up a 30", and then I got a bit carried away and picked up a GTX295 to drive it (against my better judgment, not really being a fan of dual-gpu cards in the past), but I'd quite like to keep my old 24" monitors running too, so I dug out an old 8600GTS and after a lot of swearing, and a timely motherboard bios update, it's basically working.

The issue I'm having is that if I enable multi-gpu, which I assume I should for the 295, everything seems fine and works as expected until the next time I boot at which point any monitor(s) attached to the 8600 are disabled. I also lose the option to use the 8600 for physx, not that I really care. If I disable multi-gpu, I can enable the monitor(s) again, and do the physx thing. I can then enable multi-gpu again, but only until the next reboot.

Is there something I'm missing, or is this just a side-effect of nvidia's sli/multi-monitor support being a bit new and buggy? Does the same thing happen with dual-card sli + third card for triple monitors?