Videogame most regretted trading away.


Nov 12, 2007
I really regretted trading Castlevania Symphony of the Night. What a bonehead!
All the great Sega Saturn RPG's I had. Including Panzer Dragoon Saga and Shining Force 3
I buy Metroid Prime's and Zelda's for Gamecube back every once in awhile.
I traded Panzer Dragoon Saga for a copy of Carnage Heart way back when. I think I tried Carnage Heart once.
Traded Call of Duty 4 in towards purchase for that debacle known as Call of Duty World at War.
Traded in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 a long time ago for some game that I can't even recall....not only is it one of the best fighters of all time, you now have to pay $80-100 just to get a copy. I don't even know how much I got for the game; I'd bet it was about $5 :(
I flat out returned Tekken 1 when I saw each character only had like 2-3 moves in the instruction manual...and doing them didn't work half the time. Little did I know that the manual sucked and the timing to doing moves was very different from Street Fighter.
Traded to this kid Zelda: Link To The Past for Jurassic Park. :( Hey, I was young and didn't have that concept about classics, I just wanted to play a new game without having to rent it.
The time I traded away my Sega Saturn (with a ton of games) for $200. Man, I miss that thing.
Every month or so I play 8 player bomberman on the saturn still great fun, and bitch slaped the test of time.
every time I trade a game I regret it later... Thats why I never do trade ins... I always want the games I buy... even if they suck, I still play them and build that nostalgia. A few years later I always want to pop that game in... and I don't have it available.

Haven't done a trade in for like... 8 years now.
Trading my N64 and respectable collection of games in to a pawn shop for some unknown reason :(
Alberts Odyssey in mint condition for some stupid ps2 launch game.
Also wish i had never traded virtual on, not that its too expensive but i can never find it for sale
007 Goldeneye for Wipeout 64...worst part is I don't remember agreeing to it. I found my 007 game at a friends house and he said we traded. Which explained where the wipeout game I had never seen before came from...I think I got hosed...
COD 4 for Xbox, If I remember correctly I'm not sure what I did with it actually.
Sword of Vermillion for...wait...I didn't get anything for it he stole it!

Also, I gave all of my SNES stuff to my little cousin, including my street fighter arcade stick which I want back of course.
Not so much a trade, but I regret not buying Ikaruga for the GC when I had the chance. They had it at a local used game store for $35 a few years back. Being a poor college student, I passed it up because I wasn't about to pay $35 for a used GC game, even that long ago. Still, I wish I had now. It's super rare, and goes for something like $70+ on eBay. :(
True story: I traded in my NES, SNES, N64, and a ton of games and controllers for all of them for a brand new Xbox when they came out. I paid $0.63 after tax at Funco Land. It was promptly stolen from my room at college when my idiot roommate failed to lock the door. I traded in some real gems:

Chrono Trigger
Ogre Battle
Legend of Zelda (NES gold cart)
Secret of Mana

Among a bunch of others. More recently, I regretted trading Panzer Dragoon Orta, Marvel v. Capcom 2, Phantom Dust. Strangely, I haven't regretted trading in any of my current gen games.
Not really traded, but about 10 years ago I sold Dragon Force along with my Saturn and a couple other games for $100 to help fund the purchase of a Dreamcast. Loved the DC, but have missed Dragon Force ever since.:(
Hm...probably my NES with about 80 games.

Now I have another NES but only Mario/Duck Hunt. :(
A good trade I made - my shitty NHL 98 (or 99 or something) on N64 for Halflife near its release lol. Still have that HL game and CS from it on my Steam account.

Can't think of a bad trade. I've sold games I wish I hadn't, but never really made any bad trades.
I don't know if I've ever made a bad trade or sale. I think I rather prefer playing Fable 2 than having a copy of DW4 for the NES sitting on a dusty shelf.
I traded in Crackdown, and I regret every second of it. I traded it towards America's Army 2 (which I like), but I should have just paid the extra. Now I want it back :(
Test drive unlimited. I traded it and a bunch of other games at gamestop and i still have days where i wanna play it.