Video showing Doom looks better on RX480 than a 970/780 initially


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Oct 17, 2011
Any other cards getting this than the 970/780?

LOD? Id texture streaming implementation? Card limits? FPS Cheating? What? Bet it would help FPS if one was running through a level in a test. Would love to see [H] testing for this.
Allegedly reported on RoTR also.

More on reddig here Doom looks better on an AMD card at the same high settings • /r/Amd

Shoot the message not the messenger this time folks. Just sharing.
RAGE all over again with streaming texture issues.

This game was made for consoles (both AMD graphics) so this doesn't surprise me at all.
I'd wager a game glitch. If this were spanning multiple titles I'd be more concerned. I've yet to see image quality issues on my titan x or 1080.
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But interestingly it only is emerging now with the latest patch.
So is this a new problem introduced with the latest patch, or somehow missed until now.
I bet everyone has upgraded now so probably nigh on impossible to test.
I get this with my 7950. I would think that in my case it is a limit of my graphics card. Mine looks way worse than the 970. But hey it is quite a bit older tech.
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To be honest I rely on the reviewers to catch any of this. I mean average user could easily overlook this when they dont have two cards to compare.
Probably a streaming bug, I wouldn't put much stock in it.
It only news if it shows AMD in bad light! Nothing to see here, move along!:woot: In all honesty i bet the same thing happens to AMD in certain situations as well. (Wolf New Order:wtf:, has to be others lol)