Video Card Issues Need Help (8800 GTX SLI)


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Mar 3, 2008
Seems like my computer lately has been having lots of issues. I get random shut downs when viewing Youtube Videos in full Mode, computer freezes and makes a loud noise like a zzzttt sound then finally it crashes and turns off...Then When i try playing my FPS Games, (Call of Duty) Modern Warefare, Computer Crashes and BSOD's With the follwoing ( NVLDDMK.SYS) Seems like to me it has something to do with Nvidia Drivers this was about 3 months finally the other day my computer kept looping and looping and wouldn't recognized any boot partitions. (Screen was black)
keep in mind i have 4 Hard Drives each hard drive has a different OS and 2 Other Hard Drives

1. WD Velociraptor 10K RPM - Windows 7 X64 ( This was the time when all my issues started)
2. WD Cavair Blue 500 GB - Windows 7 X64
3. WD Caviar Black 1 TB - Windows Vista X64 Pro
4. WD Cavair Black 1 TB - Windows XP 32X Pro
5. WD Cavair Black 2 TB - Media Files (Movies,mp3's. Pictures etc)
6. WD Cavair Black 1 TB - Programs and back up

I get Bios error saying Unrecognized hard Drive Partitions and it loops and loops

Here are the video cards i have running them in SLI Mode

Here are the following things i've done

1. Updated Bios with the Latest Bios Version (F9C) (Didn't Help)
2. Disconnected All Hard drives Only leaving Windows Vista and Windows 7 (WD Velociraptor)
3. Thoroughly test all my Hard Drives with Western Digital Utility (all Passed)
4. Set my Bios to Default Settings.
5. Ran OS (Vista,Windows7) Repair Utility and finally got it to boot with Windows Vista Only..With running a new Boot Loader (fixboot, fixmbr etc) Unsuccessful with Windows 7 Yet. (As soon as the computer came back on Ran it under SAFE MODE and was able to delete all Nvidia Drives with Revo Uninstaller)
6. Ran the latest Display Driver # Version:270.61
7. Tried to repair Windows 7 Boot Loader (Unsuccessful)
8.Now im up and running with Vista and try to enable SLI Mode Getting to this screen


and the Computer BSOD Again with the same Error ( NVLDDMK.SYS) im really running out of options here guys and could really used some pointer

Here are my current specs

Thermaltake Speedo Case Advance Package
AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6400+
4x 4096MB Corsair XMS2 PC2-6400 |
Nvidia 8800GTX (X2) SLI XFX 768 MB DDR3
ZALMAN CNPS 9700 NT 110mm |
Corsair 1000WPsu
Hanns·G HG-281DJB Black 28"
Acer 24" AL2423
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Oct 13, 2008
test each card individually to see if one is going faulty ? maybe mobo failing or PSU , so try swapping stuff around if u can, also turn off any overclocks.


Limp Gawd
Mar 3, 2008
forgot to mentioned ran Memtest for 24 Hours with no single error also..
also ran a power supply tester on the PSU and ran fine.