Viacom Entering the Streaming Market This Year


[H]F Junkie
Apr 25, 2001
Viacom has decided it's going to jump into the streaming market with everyone else and offer an ad supported service. They are holding their cards close to the vest, but it's expected they'll be opening up their full portfolio of content. However, there's always some bad to go with the good in everything and this is no exception because they are calling this a cable TV provider complement product. I guess we'll see whether or not this is worth a subscription later this year.

Additionally, the company stressed that the service is not designed for cord cutters, necessarily. That means, it’s not positioned as a way to watch Viacom’s programming when you ditch your cable or satellite TV subscription in favor of streaming.


Limp Gawd
Jun 15, 2013
Funny. Do they not read about the losses that many streaming services experience? Like IDK, say HULU, with nearly a billion in losses in 2017. and half a billion the year before that. requiring a new $1.5 billion investment in 2018? haha. And Netflix saying it NEEDS to spend $8 billion on "original content" to attract and keep subscribers this year. And all of us with kids know we're going to Disney anyway which leaves time for .... oh that's right no time for me to watch shows/movies anyway and choose Viacom over the stuff I already have...