Via kt266a to Nforce2 A7NX8 Deluxe


Mar 5, 2004
I'm upgrading my mobo from the ABIT KR7A-Raid to an ASUS a7NX8 Deluxe today. I'm trying to recall what I need to do to remove the VIA software from Windows 2000. I think it's something like 4in1 drivers or something. I think there's busmastering software too. What do I need to remove before I upgrade?!?
all the chipset drivers,
onboard sound drivers,
onboard video drivers,
dude, back everything up and start with a fresh formatted drive. That way you dont have all the unneeded gunk in your system.
A7N8X Deluxe doesn't have onboard video.

Anyway, I also recommend just reformatting. But read this first.

I personally have been on nForce my entire self-build career (as in, I have yet to build an AMD box not on nForce, including my own), so none of this has applied to me.
back up your stuff.

download up-to-date drivers for mobo, video, network.

uninstall mobo drivers.

reboot, booting to the win2k startup CD

proceed with a regular install. it will ask you at some point if you want to attempt a repair install. allow it to proceed.

install drivers as needed.

run windows update.
Well, just as all of you stated, I had to start over on a clean drive. When I got everything hooked up, it would try to start Windows 2000, but would blue screen on me. The error message stated ,"Accessible_boot_drive".

Anyway, I had a spare hard drive that I loaded Windows 2000 on and it works great. I took my old boot drive and hooked it up as a secondary drive. Luckily, I had all the drivers for the new board were on my old primary drive.

One BIG snag though. I forgot I had the network cable hooked up, and got two viruses and two trojans the moment my fresh install came up. Before I could download Zonealarm, I kept getting the lsass.exe shutdown message. Stinger took care of them. Just for future note,"NEVER HAVE THE INTERNET HOOKED UP TO A COMPUTER WITHOUT A FIREWALL." As Jimmy Dougan would say,"That's good advice kid..."