VGA Card for ABit BP6 PVR Box


Limp Gawd
Feb 26, 2003

I hope to be using a BP6 as a PVR box. It will be running Mandrake 10. I need a VGA card with TV out.

I have been looking at the ATI 9200 64 Mb card (£28ish) and an Nvidia MX 440 (£31).

Basically will either card have issues in the x2 AGP slot of the BP6? I don't mind which card I end up with (so no fan boy rants please :) but I don't want to end up with a card that does not work in the BP6.

Thanks in advance guys

i think you just need to check the voltage of the slot in the bp6 and make sure it matches the 9200. you might want to repost in motherboards
It should be fine especially what you are using it for. The cool part is you are using a dualy for an HTPC. ;) gj
Not much help but...

I think there are some image quality issues with the 9200se and I believe their can be problems with the geforces when there is no monitor hooked up.
You might post Your question on this page instead. There's probably more ppl to answer Your specific question. I would however suggest that You get a 9600XT, not that expensive, read more about it on HTPC mentioned above...
I can tell You that my BP6 will not start without a monitor hooked up to it, kind of annoying when I want to restart it for any reason :(
I suppose I could make a vga-dummie, but that's another story... ;)

PekkerCadette out

I'd go with nVidia within Linux OS. ATi has really crappy driver support for the penguin, whereas NVidia hasn't forgotten that Linux users need video too.
Hi there

Thanks for the replys. Seems Nvidia is the way to go. I have successfully tested a GeForce 4400 with the BP6 (I was supprised that it worked). I used a little program called nvtv (google for it) to get the tv out working.

Does anyone have another way to get TV out working on Linux (mandrake specifically?)

Still don't know which NVidia card I'll buy but that's a cash decision more than anything

This is all great!!


I am using a GeForce4 MX440 in my Gentoo linux system. It is built on the BM6, which is a close single-processor cousin of the BP6.